Sunday 18 April 2010

Scotty Dogs, Shoes & Cupcakes

My winner of a Tissue Case giveaway, likes cupcakes and blue. So using this fab cupcake fabric and Amy Butler Full Moon Fabric, I produced this little number which will be winging its way in the post tomorrow for Kellie Mairs .

Scotty Dog Pop Purse

Shhhhhh don't tell the boys, a work colleague asked me if I could make a 'towel pouch' for her daughter at school, so she didn't have to drag her bag into the toilets every time she got up.
I have used one of these for a couple of years, saves on space in the handbag!

Pop Purse

I have called them Pop Purses and they fasten with a Popper rather than a zip.
Miffy Pop Purse

All are full lined in cute fabric go to Etsy & Folksy to see the other photos.


  1. Love everything you have just made. How do you do the poppers? Kate x

  2. I buy the poppers from C&H fabrics I think in packs of ten, they have teeth one side, you get tool and the little anoying fittings, just need a hammer and be prepared to waste a couple (knocking them in wrong!) the first time you try. Kx

  3. Hi - I found you via Lily Whites. I am offering therapy to fabric/ribbon/button addicts by way of a swap - would you like to join us? xx

  4. Love the pop purses such a great idea and the tissue case is gorgeous, lovely choice of fabrics.

    Beki x

  5. The Silver Spoon would most definitely be available in the UK, it's a huge hit around the world. It's incredibly heavy though, so make sure you're not carrying it for miles. Love Posie

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