Friday 27 March 2009

Incy Wincy Stiches Buttons..........

Opps I did it again, buttons from Incy Wincy
But they are adorable, and so in right now, darling! If they are wearing the 'folk' look on the catwalk then my booties must also have the catwalk look

RE-read: Think Global ... Shop Local Thursday

RE-read: Think Global ... Shop Local Thursday


I have finally used 4 of the zebra buttons I brought from Hollingdale designs, my photos are not to good today! but I need to make a couple of baby booties in white, with black soles and a red heart on sole!

I have just brought these beauties from Jill (I have a feeling I am going to be one of her favorite customers), I will wait till they arrive before chosing the felt to match, but I feel a 3 stripe (vintage addidas) look going on.

What do you think of the baby bib apron? now all I need is a baby to photograph with my clothing! Mmmmmm my Hubby thinks I am going slightly mad, he knows I am sooooooo clucky, so cross the little fingers in hope.
I have started to separate my baby items from to as I feel there is so much going on and I make to many things. Most people have very pretty web pages and I am now beginning to believe in the old saying 'keep it simple stupid'

Wednesday 25 March 2009


Widjaw the sockbunny came to live with me last week, and today we popped to the beach! he got a bit wet, but we soon had him drying out on the radiator back at home.

Friday 13 March 2009


What is it about animal print, I love it, must be that Essex girl coming out in me!!!

I just purchased some buttons through the comic relief shop, which will be adorning some baby booties, I am thinking red soles and black and white felt uppers?! with the zebra button on the front, cute!


I have put a pair of baby booties in the comic relief shop, for Charity.

So if you know anybody who has a baby, buy them a prezzie without guilt! as all the money goes to comic relief, I don't see a penny.

Baby Bootie Boxes

I have recieved some little display boxes for my baby booties off ebay, as I wanted to start taking a few around to shops in Eastbourne maybe Brighton (although to much there already!), and Tunbridge Wells but didn't want to jusat take them in a carrier bag! What do you think, I have designed a mini logo to go in the corner now all I have to do is print on to labels, although the idea of printing on clear labels would be better, just don't want to spend a forturne on the packaging!!

Tuesday 10 March 2009

SN Girl Plump

SN Girl Plump, originally uploaded by bexsbuttons.

I seem to be drawn to all things pink at the moment! But she is cute, not to sure if she is going to be for sale, but she is made by Rebecca Smith of bexsbuttons - check out her folksy page