Sunday 7 March 2010


New cushion delivery next week, and am expanding my cushions sizes to 12" square, 16" square and 20" square, so sizes for everybody, problem I am having is having time (erm not sitting at the computer reading blogs time), to create new cushions, If I sell a cushion I think will sell again, I remake it for sale (sell what sells, I say!!) and this week sold 2 white BAM cushions, a camouflage skull (only in the shop 24hrs) and the popular black and red on white skull, so had to make these 4 again in 12" before venturing onto any new ones, so in my laziness I have only made the pink on black skull in the new 12" and a Red POW in the new 12".
Hopefully more to come this week, although My Mum has been waiting for a small teapot teacozy for I don't know how long!! and as its Mothers day, and she is coming to stay I had better get making one, plus write my list now of what to do when I get in from work and tick off as I go...
  • Tea cozy for Mum - Monday
  • Lavender Heart or Owl for Mum - Tuesday
  • Clean, make bed in spare room for Mum - Wednesday
  • Clean scrub house/ windows / cupboard doors - Thursday (in one night! oh dear)
  • Make cushions, drink wine, tidy up, watch lost, any ironing (not happening)
Cushions for sale in


Saturday 6 March 2010


The Rainbow Room - Hand felted Bracelets
Mini Felts - Yellow Bunny
Claire Rose Designs - Duck Trug
My Friends - Yellow Bird Brooch
PhatGrrl - Jelly Yellow Bow Ring
Dreamstar - Yellow Wreath
Lilley's - Ninja Earrings
Lynwoodscrafts - Daffodil Scarf

As Spring may just be one its Way, and I spotted my first flowering snowdrops yesterday! I thought I would brighten up the weekend with some sunshine from Folksy.
Have a happy weekend, I've got a stack of skull & superhero cushions to make, starting now!
I will be popping back with a cuppa to read through everybody Else's blogs! As I have been deprived of them the last few days, my brain has been else where (but I shall save that for a future blog.

Monday 1 March 2010


Another Skull to add to the collection, I'm building up, hopefully or not if I don't sell them too fast I'll have some for a few craft fairs in the summer!

And I have been featured on narkeymarkey blog
Funny to see your own words in print.

Hope you are all having a good week, lets wish this rain away (although hubby would say don't waste a wish).