Friday 28 November 2014



Wednesday 26 November 2014

Maker by Art Gallery Fabric Studio

Maker AGF Studios
for Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics have materialized our love to create, 
and given life to our favorite notions,
 tools and haberdashery. 

Grey x 5 bundle

Mustard x 5 bundle

Crisp and fun prints with spontaneity and playful details are the gateway to picture-perfect projects that portray the love for our craft.
The love of being Maker.

Due in shop in March
Pre Order HERE

Make the Cut Sharp

Make Stitches Crisp

Make it, Hang it Toasty

Make Closures Pewter

Make Drafts Raw

Make Embroidery Cool

Make Patterns

Make Room when Foggy

Make Patches Tailored

I’m a Maker

Saturday 22 November 2014

Fiesta by Michael Miller Fabrics

Fiesta by Michael Miller Fabrics

This Collection comes in huge array of fabrics and colours
I have hand picked 6 of the chocolate colour

Due in shop March
pre order HERE

Grape colour - 11 fabrics
Blue Colour - 10 fabrics
Chocolate Colour - 9 fabrics

Each fabric names starts with the letter E..........
I wonder if somebody was going through the baby naming book.....

Eduardo in Kryptonite

Eduardo in Mermaid

Elena in Chocolate

Emilia in Chocolate

Ernesta in Chocolate

Esme in Chocolate

Thursday 20 November 2014


Doubled twice to give a 22.5" wide piece
100% Needlepunched Natural Cotton, with scrim.
Great for both hand and machine quilting, with 3-5% shrinkage
£6 per 1/2 metre

Sew Simple Quilt Light 50-50% Cotton / Polyester Wadding
Doubled twice to give a 22.5" wide piece
50% cotton and 50% polyester blend, without scrim.
Excellent for machine quilting with only 2-3% shrinkage.
£5.00 per 1/2 metre

Sew Simple Quilt Light 100% Polyester Wadding
Doubled twice to give a 22.5" wide piece
100% bonded polyester. Excellent for hand quilting, with 0% shrinkage.
£4.00 per 1/2 metre

Get your Wadding fix!!!
Due in next week
Purchase it here

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Origami Oasis flower fields by Tamara Kate

Origami Oasis flower fields by Tamara Kate 
for Michael Miller
 Exotic Wildlife, cute pink zebras, bring your imagination to life.
Pre-Order Here
Includes the following;
Pride in Candy
Spot in Tangerine
Mountain and Valley in Candy
Show your colours in Confetti
Crossing Paths in Turquoise

Monday 17 November 2014

Just in!!! Utopia for Art Gallery Fabrics

Fantasy City Fervor Utopia By Francis Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics

Journey to an idealistic society, a city of incredible colors captured only in dreams, a place that is filled with vibrancy and ignites our deepest longings and hopes. Your imagination will be inspired as you travel through the enchanting trees and coves. 
The colors will pop off the fabric as it takes you to this magical land. 

Set of 5 - orange

Set of 5 - pink

(even the names of the fabrics make me smile) 

Aglow sapling in mango 
Paradise Dwellers in Vivid 
Urban Sprawl in Magenta 
Lucid Hills in Amber 
Chatter Pods in Citrica 
Ormi Biolumescence 
Megalopolitan Dim 
Specks of Ramputan 
Atomic Influx Purse Fantasy City Fervor
Dreamlandia Illuminated

These are only 10 of the 20 fabric in the collection
of which i have ordered

The 10 I have belong to a set called Fantasy City Fervor
and the other 10 are called Reverie City Winter

And you can order HERE

Monday 10 November 2014

Just in!!!! Rustique By Emily Herrick

Rustique By Emily Herrick
For Micheal Miller Fabrics
in Rustic Colourway.

Collection is here

shark tooth in leaf

leaf press in teal

embossed in grey
Awaiting this still from US - should be in Next Week

feathering in teal
Awaiting this still from US - should be in Next Week

open season in multi

trophy in leaf

Happy Saturday people!!