Thursday 29 April 2010


Thinking that it would be sunny over the Bank Holiday weekend (she laughs), I thought I would make some cute paper lanterns to hang from the bamboo in the backyard, whilst eating alfresco.
So after searching the web, I found a few shaped the way I wanted, followed the instructions, and if you fancy making some, this how to do it. Take some wrapping paper, mine is double sided which you dont need, spilt pins / tacs, something to cut with, draw with and a ruler!

Cut 15 strips into 1/2" x 4" (for one lantern), I have cut for three. Use a rotary cutter, knife or sicssors, ruler, pen or pencil.

Next put your 15 strips together and hole punch both ends (carefully), if you dont have a hole punch then  use something sharp, without stabbing yourself.
 Next using your tacs /  split pins, mine are a little large but couldn't get small cheap siver ones, so just had to purchase the pretty pink set in Staples....(honest)
Insert your tacs / spilt pins

Next starting with the botton piece of paper, pull away and twist around, yes at first looks a little wrong.
As you start to fan around the bottom layers, you will start to see the globe take shape.

Finished lantern, just add string or string a few together.
I even made a large lantern 1" x 8" - double the size, looks a little flat on the table, but when hung, looks fab. I will add more photos taken outside when it stops raining!
You could always use these as table decorations, for a dinner party, put them in bowl, vase or just scatter them along the mantlepiece..


  1. Cute lanterns. The paper really makes them look sweet.

  2. They look lovely what a great idea. I think we are going to have rain as well, typical bank holiday!!

  3. Oh my goodness they're amazing!! I'm not making them unless I can have frickin' awesome wrapping paper like that though - where's it from?!

  4. Those are great, I think that me and the girls might just make a few of those over the weekend, thanks for the idea :)

  5. Really cute and surprisingly simple to make. I think even I could do that!

  6. omg! these are fabulous, def gonna try them for the summer al fresco dining! Thanks gorgeous ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  7. Hey, Karen, these are fab...been looking to do some decorations for our party in a couple of weeks...think I've found the ones, thanks ;-)

  8. these are sooo stinking cute, thanks to you I have a another part for my center pieces : ) We're putting paper lanterns with candles in them in the center and then putting the little circle ones like yours around the base of them.

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I've been looking for how to make this for so long, I'm going to be creating a big and small one for the Moon Lantern Festival we are holding at my school. I thought this would be great as it shaped as well a moon! Thank you so much this was super helpful!


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