Monday 30 January 2012

Mug Rug Monday

I saw what I thought was a wonderful idea, which came from fresh lemon quilts a linked in mini quilt Monday's, where everybody shares tiny quilts. But by the time I got around to joining in, it had finished sometime last year!
So to keep me creative and hopefully everybody sharing we can see what little coasters, mug rugs and super cute quilted hot pot mats people are making and selling.
I am trying to produce an HML code thingy for the side bar, but you will have to bare with me as it is my first time! If somebody knows how.....
All I ask is that you when you link-in go visit at least one other blog in the link.
Here are my batch for the week. 

Scrappy Mug Rug
7" x 10"
My Sis-In-Laws favourite colours so will post off to her for a prezzie

In Amy Butler full moon slate & lime, 
Kate Spain Bridle Path in light green and cobblestone in turquoise 
And polka dot binding from my shop

Heart Mug Rugs
71/2" x 91/2"
Just in time for valentines day!
A selection of Kate Spain Central Park Fabrics
With Tangerine Amy Butler Full Moon backing
And a Violet Floral Binding From my shop
Mug Rug pour homme
7" x 8"
(a gift for him..)
Navy & Turquoise mix of fabrics
I just love this and would love to make a larger quilt in these colours
Happy Monday

Sunday 29 January 2012

Finished Nostalgic Quilt

Quilt Front
Quilt Back
Deep red with tiny white spots, a large strip of the mustard feed sack fabric and a thin strip of the multi vintage style floral left over from the piecing of the front
Mustard Floral Binding which I sell in my shop
View from above

Last night I finished hand binding the back this baby at midnight, promptly stuck it in the washing machine and waiting for it to finish so I could get it dry for a photo shoot today! (Otherwise I would have to wait a week and sunshine before being able to go again).
Super soft and a rather large lap quilt to snuggle under on the sofa.
So Quilt 2 for 2012 finished.

Belated Saturday Stash on a budget

Just Wing it - MoMo for Moda

Its a Hoot - MoMo for Moda

Ruby - Bonnie and Camile

Sill being the beginning of the year, funds for fabric buying are sill squeezed
and having half finished quilt tops lying around, that I really want to finish.
(for those in the US - our fabric costs end up being double what you pay, if we purchase from the UK or on-line from the US due to postage, tax and anything else the government want to take)

So came up with a rare brain wave, I love all the fabrics above, but having never purchased one of them before, I will be able to check them all out and then put them on a to purchase in order list!

They will be charm packs, and first I will be taking out all the pink squares and I will be able to complete my pinwheel quilt top, which uses a different pink fabric for each pinwheel.

The reds for a dolly quilt set

I can add any grey fabrics to the pile of fabrics, which will become MY quilt.

I have also have a couple of turquoise and lime projects awaiting to start (when I finish the  4 cushions, 3 tea cosies & 3 other quilts on the go.

Which I think only leaves a few chocolate colours which can just go on the very small brown pile of fabrics I have but can be built up!

Off to the beech to photograph a quilt I finished last night at midnight - then promptly stuck it in the wash to I could crinkle it and dry it
(otherwise I will not see daylight for another week at home - roll on Longer days)


Saturday 28 January 2012

Bias Binding Winners

1st place - 9m of binding

2nd Place - 6m of binding

3rd Place - 3m of binding

Hopefully when I post this the numbers should remain on the page!
I listed out all the entries in order and then generated the winners.

I will contact you all to see what binding(s) you prefer and you home addresses.

hanks all for taking part, I will have to do another give away in a month.

OK so the numbers didn't stay on the page! Poop.
But As I used the generstor and the winners remain

Thursday 26 January 2012

Sewing The Bulgarian Way

Take one Old Sewing Machine
A trip to Bulgaria
4 Days to make loose covers
One Sofa
Armchair One
And Armchair Two
Local Life - The Neighbours
The local villagers do not know what washing machines are,
they wash clothes outside in cold water

Village Rooftops
Mum-in-laws Grape Vines
Everybody makes their own wine here.
Add a 'bit' of snow over night.
And grape vines look pretty
Still snowing now (over 12 hours)
One of the local village boys taking the cattle out
no saddle and a piece of rope for the harness..
Mum-in-law's House
One sofa finished, OK the fabric very shiny so photos look bad.
One blurred armchair
Armchair two finished.

What I missed about sewing away from home.
My Sewing machine
My over locker
My Left handed scissors
My tiny snip scissors
My huge quilting ruler (would have come in very handy)
Sewing thread that doesn't break every 5 Min's
Perfect sewing tension
A foot peddle lead that I had to wiggle as I sewed to get a connection
Fabric with NO give in any direction
and something other than a biro pen to draw a pattern with!

What I loved
A challenge - my brain hurt every evening
A horse ride in the mountains - western style
A walk in deep 8" snow
Homemade red wine - every night!
A week off work
Being Cooked for (thanks S & K)

Catching a flight tomorrow morning home
fights maybe a little delayed, but all cars have winter tyres
and chains if needed.

PS do not forget as my previous post bias binding giveaway.
I will do the draw late Friday / Saturday.


Saturday 21 January 2012

A Rainbow of Bias Binding Giveaway


As so make people out there are making super bright, rainbow quilts, cushions and other great projects. And as I am involved with a rainbow charm swap, I thought it only fair that whilst our purses were being squeezed in January, I could help out and do a giveaway.

I will have 3 winners.
1st - 9m of binding of choice
2nd - 6m of binding of choice
3rd - 3m of binding of choice

This means if you win you can choose to have the binding all the same, or you can have for example split into different bindings in metre lengths for smaller projects

For those that work in Yards 1 Metre is over 1 yard
1m will edge a hotpot mat with ease!
tote handles
purse detail
Apron edging
little skirt edging
quilt binding
Tea cozy binding
The list is endless

Rules of play - up to 3 entries
Leave a message below saying hello (1 entry)
make sure you are following me leave another message saying this (1 entry)
like my facebookpage again leave a separate message below (1 entry)

And pass the word around..................

I am off to Bulgaria at 4am in the morning to recover a sofa for my MIL until Friday.
I will do the draw next Friday Evening.
Good Luck


Wednesday 18 January 2012

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Follow the button on the right..

I have managed to fit quite a bit in this week...

I have added more pink pinwheels to my collection, but now have one from every pink piece of fabric I have, Think I need to do at least the same again if no more - so need to go and get a few more fabrics....

So to justify and pay for more fabrics, taking inspiration from everybody else, and whilst piecing my block cushions I thought I would also piece 2 of each colour log cabins, so just need to go though my other colours as I piece my cushions together

My Echo quilt squares are half sewn, half to go!
This is only a small selection

One orange cushion cover almost finished

One Yellow cushion cover almost finished

So in total including those pictures in the week.

I quilt completed 2 cushions completed = 3 complete
2 cushions started + 2 quilts started + 2 quilts ongoing = 6 ongoing

Off to see what you have been up to. 

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Very Berry Handmade are doing a Massive give-away the subject above.
Fabrics, vouchers and more from some of the best known online fabric stores.

Pop over to her blog to join in, so I though I would make a 'current outstanding list' of those thinks I want to finish, which will get longer as the month goes on...

I resolve to sew a zig-zag quilt, with my rainbow charm fabrics in January
 (oh and I had better not forget to sew the button back on my coat that fell off last year)*

I resolve to complete my pinwheels quilt by the end of February
(oh and I really should take up those black trousers up that have been there for 6 months)*

I resolve to finish the 20 pincushions that need stuffing
(oh and I must must re-hem that Laura Ashley skirt in the same pile as the trousers)*

I resolve to make make-up bags soon, I need a new one myself
(oh and I must must shorten my mums dress that I have had for over a year, that's in the same pile as the trousers and the skirt)*

I resolve to make a red and white quilt over the next few months
(oh and shorten the straps on that sun-dress of my mums, that I also have has for over a year, and yep in the same pile as the trousers, skirt & dress)*


If I did have a chance at winning I would have to pick first Erin McMorris’s Summersault
It would make a super quilt, cushions, totes.....


Monday 16 January 2012

Two Pillow Cushions finished

Finally got around to finishing 2 strip pieced cushions.
I have been spending far too much time, just playing
My list of things to make is getting longer!
If only we didn't have to earn money to purchase fabric.
If off to Bulgaria on Sunday
To mother-in-laws (without Hubby!!)
Kind of a working holiday, Sunday to Thursday so have 3 days to recover a sofa and 2 armchairs. If worked out cheaper for her to purchase the fabric in Bulgaria, fly me out, and I sew than pay for 20 metres of furnishing fabric over here. Then I get to go horse riding in the mountains when I'm finished! (hence when hubby is not coming).
Mum-in-law and her hubby moved out there when they retired, cheaper to live, get to live in a backward village, grow grapes, and drink home-made wine. The type of lifestyle you wouldn't get here in the UK.
Have been putting off quilting my Nostalgic quilt, but need to spend an hour or so on it to make a start!

Saturday 14 January 2012

Make - Quilted 6 Pointed Star

Follow me in making a 6 pointed star

You could make the star out of one piece of patterned fabric or 2 for alternate points (as mine),
3 types for opposite matching fabric or even 6  for 6 different fabric points.

Each triangle is equal on all sides - using a 60deg angle
Mine were cut from 3 inch strips of fabric.
You will need:
12 white or plain fabric triangles
12 patterned triangles:-
If 2 patterns - x6 triangles of each
If 3 patterns - x4 triangles of each
If 6 patterns - x2 triangles of each

Lay your patterned pieces out to form your star

Next lay your white or plain pieces out

Using the 1/4 inch seam, sew your top row together
Iron as you go otherwise you may twist your back seams
(something I do..)

Using the 1/4 inch seam, sew your 2nd row together

Using the 1/4 inch seam, sew your 3rd row together

Using the 1/4 inch seam, sew your 4th row together

Next sew all your rows and press

You now need to square up your block
I use scraps of fabric larger than the angle needed
as you can see using the rulers

The strips ready to sew
once attached - press and trim

One finished star - this forms part of my red and white quilt I am making,
I am not following a pattern and haven't worked out how big or how many stars I am making
but it will be a large lap or single bed quilt.
My stars are also not perfect but then I'm no a total perfectionist
(you only have to see my sewing room..)

Almost forgot
I used Amy Butler - Lotus in red and Kaffe Fassett Spot Polka Dot in tomato

Happy Saturday