Tuesday 16 November 2010

New Packaging.......

 I got bored with my plain luggage tags for my bias binding, buttons & pincushions in my blondesbackyard shop, so using my blog header, played around on photoshop and a ream of white card later, I now am happy happy happy with my new image coming through.
It may give me the boot up the backside to get packs organised and go to shops that are likely to want to stock this type of supply items, giving them a discount, reommended selling price and see what happens.........
Thats on the new year list!

Sunday 14 November 2010



Finally got around to finishing some mini 10" linen Christmas Elf Stockings, for sale in my blondedesign shop, EVEN though I have a list now reaching approx 20 orders. But I needed to take time out, just to do my bits, otherwise I will be sewing Elf stockings in January.... Which doesn't seem like a bad idea. So note to self, do not attempt to 'make' come up with 'ideas' from MID October to I guess MID December.

Make Stockings in the summer slump or no joke January
and make THREE of everything or at least two
BE prepared for custom orders.

Happy Sunday, I'm off to cut felt strips for my pincushion rings to sew on the train at 6.30am, I have a 300 ring blanks to make (not all at once!) - and as I sold 5 today alone, I need to replenish the non existent back up stock!

And a BIG sorry I am reading blogs but no time to leave messages, maybe by mid December, normallity will reture to my house and I can get a haircut, go for a coffee, and and see the seafront once more.

Karen X

Tuesday 9 November 2010


A super large project I was working on for a customer, 1m square beanbag cushions. Fully lined with internal zip to top up beanbags, and zip on the outer cushion. Baby cord in super bights that I now can get in lime, blue, black and yellow! Selling these as custom orders on babyblondedesign in customers own colour preferences. And I already have an order for one at work!
Is anybody else having lack of time to blog? Just wish I was this busy all year around, maybe I could one day get the dream of giving up working for somebody else. I just need more hours, I have so may ideas and things to make, but all I am doing is making custom orders from folksy and etsy! I had a plan of making tons of elf stockings to sell at work, so far the fabric still sits on the shelf in the cupboard.