Thursday 13 January 2011


First I would like to thank all those that have entered, but I can only choose one!

I will be soon getting stripe and floral bias binding so will do further giveaways for people to try them out!

So the winner is.......


Well done, I will pop you an email to find out how you want your 12m of binding, hope we see a few projects on your blog!
Check out her blog and keep an eye out for those projects! and just had to show you these scummy zingy log cabin pincushions.


Sunday 9 January 2011


 Vintage floral oven mitts


Are you ready to make them?
 For one Mitt
1 fat quarter - for the outside and lining
or use to different fabrics

For 2 Mitts
2 fat quarters for the outside
1 fat quater for the lining fabric

Bias Binding - max 1m for 2 mitts
Wadding 1 fat quarter - although I use it a big bigger
1 meter lace/vintage/ribbon/tape - for hanging up your oven gloves
2 buttons - mine are vintage and odd
 for one mitt
take your fat quarter and fold in half short ways so 18 x 22 inch becomes 18 x 11 inch
from one of these piece cut the mitt shape out, you will have the front and back of the mitt
the other piece needs to be cut in half so you should have almost 2square 11 inch x 9 inch for the lining

for two mitts
lay your two fabrics together or fold a bigger piece, the fabrics need to be wrongsides together, so that the front and back of the mitts are the same size.

Next cut up the wadding, again I cut mine a little larger than the lining pieces
for 1 mitt you will have 2 pieces
for 2 mitts you will have 4 pieces
Next take one piece of lining fabric
lay it face down, unsderside showing, lay your wadding on top of this
Do the same for all pieces
They should look something like this
Now to quilt them
The easiest for all machines is to to sew straight lines diagnal about 1 to 2 inch apart
or if you have a free hand quilting foot then have a go
 (I reccomend white cotton)
They now should look a bit like this
the reason I never cut the lining piece and wadding to size is you will never get it to line up
trust me! 
Next trim back the lining and wadding, and you will end up with almost cute quilted pieces 
Next lay 2 pieces together lining on the outside and your best fabic pieces together
Sew 1/4 inch around the edge, leaving the 'cuff' end unsewn
if cuff end uneven trim
Around any curves, snip to prevent pulling
And a tip when sewing the v shape for the thumb, sew as you see above
again the prevents the thumb looking to jointed and pulled
I can't explain but again snip in the corners of this v that is now a square U!
Turn oven mitt inside out
And if you forgot trim the cuff up
Attaching the bias binding
first open up one edge, fold back up to one inch, as per the picture
right side of the bias binding and right side of mitt
starting at the folded edge sew around where the fold would be
This picture shows that I have sewn allaround and am on the last step
sew approx inch overlaying cut the exccess binding off.
It will now look like this
Last step to blind stitch on the inside
Finally optional if 2 mitts take the long piece of ribbon sew each end each mitt opposite side to the thumb and a cute button on top
Ready to hang!
The cuff on this is narrow, so sew slowly when adding the binding as it does not fit around the sewing manchine base
Othwise enlarge the cuff to the same width as the top
But I like the look of these with the narrower opening.

Any problems let me know
and if you cant open up the pattern piece

Saturday 8 January 2011


Scummy Bias Binding giveaway!!

I am giving away 12 metres of the spotty bias binding, for endless uses, quilt edging, dress hems, bunting, for finishing off you oven mitts, plenty of uses.

You can have your 12 metres anyway you want, all the same colour, 1 metre of each, 6 metres of 2 colours, or 3 metre lengths all you have to think of what you will be using it for! there are 12 colours to chose from.

So be a fan and just leave a comment below and I will be pulling the name out of a hat on Wednesday night.

Look out for my Mondays make where I will be doing a oven glove pattern and using some on the edging.


Friday 7 January 2011

Linen Slim Glasses cases

 Slim Glasses Cases

Made with a natural linen, almost sack cloth like, and I find it a nightmare to sew with, as the open weave makes it stretch, so you start off with the lining and wading and outer casing the same size and end up with 1cm of linen at the end of the row!
Next time I will iron interfacing to the linen to stop it from moving, always something to learn!
Bias Binding slipstitched so no machine showing stitches.

And I am still hunting for that perfect dove grey linen, I just don't seam to be happy with any I buy, they are either far to dark, the weave is too open, or colour to 'linen' or to 'cream', so if anybody knows of some you will make me one happy person!
Happy Weekend.


Tuesday 4 January 2011


 Eye candy needle cases
 Bubble gum pink
 Cherry Red
Lined in Amy Butler Full Moon fabrics
Edeged in my Bias binds I sell
And my covered buttons

 All bias binding is blind stitched, so no showing stitches
(I have become a bit nerdy over my bindings!)
 Plenty of room for all you needles and even pins,
now all I have to do is find all my needles around the house, as I have a great habit of dropping them down the side of the sofa and sitting on them, something I inherited off my dad who used to come home from work (he was a tailor) with a row of pins in his tie.
Happy Tuesday, linking this to Fabric Tuesday

Monday 3 January 2011


 Want to make a quick cute jean bag from old jeans.
Follow me....
 Sadly the zip broke on my jeans, and so rather than just bin them,
one of things I am making from them is a bag.
 Now these jeans are skinny so the bag will be a little tote,
the wider the jeans the bigger the bag.
Mine are approx 7 inch across.
 So I measure approx 7 inch down, same as the width, and half again,
Cut. so if your trouser leg is 15 inch flat then measure 15 plus say another 8.
 From the cut top, measure down your 7 inches(or what ever your length is).
Sew across.
 Turn up the jeans, you can iron the seam if you want ...
 Now turn the whole thing inside out, making sure you push the corners out and flat.
 The tricky part is cutting the flat bottom.
You need to line up the side seam on one side with the base seam.
This forms a triangle, pin, measure up from the point, this one I measured 1 inch if a larger bag go for 2 inches. Chalk or pen mark, sew across and then cut.
 Repeat this on the other side, oh and this is not about perfection!
Your base should look like this.
 Flip the bag back inside out and now you have a turn up bag!
 To finish the top, I use cute bias binding from my stash,
 Now you could leave this as it is and use them for storage bags in kids bedrooms or for your cottons, zips, anything! or you can add handles.
 I cut from the jeans 2 x 14" by 2" strips, I think they ended up a little long but you make you handles as long as you wish.
Folding long ways fold the into the middle and fold in half, as bias binding looks, then sew down the length.
I think this adds to the'jean look'.
You could try sewing and turning inside out, but trust me trying to turn under 1" strips inside out is almost impossible in denim fabric!
 Next cut 4 x 2" strips of matching bias binding
 As per the photo, fold these to the middle, then in half and sew one of each on the end of your handles
Take one handle place on bag, I always do handles by eye, not measurements.
Sew the handles on by stching anyway you want on the yellow tabs, a square, an X.
Then repeat for the other handle on the other side.
Add and embellishment's you want.

The mini bag here is perfect for little girls or to carry your lunch.
A larger one will take you shopping on a weekend or down the pub!