Thursday 23 February 2012

Blue All Squares

Blue All Squares

My sewing this week has been poor!
I finished the top at the weekend, and have just based it, just need to sew the top to the bottom and add the binding.
It is 9 x 9 5inch squares, should end up about 42" square, perfect for a baby boy!

Tuesday 21 February 2012

A Couple of my favorite things..

I love my red spotty jug
Daffodils in spring
My thrift cup and saucer
And the biscuit tin from M&S

The most expensive tin of biscuits I have ever purchased,
they were divine, but I purchased them for the tin!


Wednesday 15 February 2012

Orla Kiely Inspired

Take some Robert Kaufman Quilters linen
(received these in the post yesterday from USA, and I am not disappointed)
Purchased from freshsqueezedfabrics at etsy
They are 100% quilters cottons, with a printed linen look, wonderful.
They came to $44.00 (£28.00) for the 8 1/2 yards!!
$61.44 (Under £40.00 including delivery).
I thought I would have to pay extra on import duties, but somehow they managed to pass though and land on my mat.

Inspired by this, Orla Kiely

One fab pattern from The sometimes crafter
Retro Flower Quilt pattern
Which I purchased last week, ready to go,
 I will use as a base but turn all the petals in the same direction
To get this ish, which may or may not have black lines
Also will have rounder petals
(but anyway its the inspiration)
The fabrics close up, aren't they just scrummy.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Finished Candy Floss Pinwheels Quilt!!

Candy Floss Pinwheels Quilt
Finally finished!
Why candyfloss, its just happy, summer, fun fairs, and a yummy sweet shops!!
Made with 48 Pinwheels
Each one in a different pink inspired fabric!
Bubblegum pink spotty binding
from blondesbackyard
All scrummy designer fabrics, some you might reconise
 Just wing it by Momo for Moda, Its a Hoot by Momo for Moda, Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler, Ruby by Bonnie and Camille from Moda, Central Park by Kate Spain are just a few to name.

Thursday 9 February 2012

WIP Pile of Pinwheels

Work in Progress

25 pinwheels (100 quarter pieces)
ready to sew the next step and add to these ones

Monday 6 February 2012

Metro Modern Baby Quilt Finished!!

Metro Modern
Half Moon Modern Metro for Moda 

Forgot to post this yesterday!!

33 charm size 5" squares
halved to make 66 and teamed with 66 Kona white triangles
backed in a red polka dot fabric
34" x 34" finished

Finished with Candy Cane red bias binding from my Etsy shop blondesbackyard
Quilt up for sale in my Etsy shop blondedesign

I truly love the primary colours in this range the colours just pop, I will have to stock up on these.


Sunday 5 February 2012

A Mini Rainbow of Pillows 'cushions'

Finally finished putting these together, after waiting for the inner pads to arrive in the post,
so I could then get them photographed.
(trying to find a long empty plain wall to do this ended up being a nightmare, sometimes Victorian houses, with pretty fireplaces and no spare spaces, makes me hank after a 1970's super square white box!
No red pillow, as my red stash was low, and no purple, so need to stock up on some of those fabrics.. then the rainbow would have been complete, instead I have a light pink one instead!

Blue 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Blue 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Green 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Green 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Yellow 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Yellow 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Orange 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Orange 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Pink 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Pink 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Light Pink Valentine 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Light Pink Valentine 16" x 16" Quilted Cushion

Saturday 4 February 2012

Saturday Fabric Stash in Red

Finally received a couple of parcels today,
ripping the plastic off leaving a trail in my wake....

I was really low on my red fabrics, and need to more to be able to make more, as red things always sell, but surprising the % of red fabrics on the market in collections is quite small.
I will try an list all those above in case there is anything you see you that you need
(well we always need fabric)

Starting from the bottom going clockwise
Its a hoot Red oval - Momo for Moda
Antique treasures Vintage floral
Firefly by Michael Miller
Red stripe Bar Harbour Moda
Red 'Feedsack II' collection by Sara Morgan.
Tomato dot Kaffe Fassett
Grannies Treasures Nancy Mahoney P&B Textiles
Red Spot its a hoot Momo for Moda
Scarves Cherryade Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Play Dot Red/White Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Delicate Red fern RJR fabrics
Play Dot Red/Grey Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Scooters Red Play Dot Red/White Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda

Most of these except 4 are from The Eternal Maker, and are on offer at mostly £1.50 - £1.80 FQ, although you have purchase 1/2 metre.
The others are from M is for Make also fabrics on offer.
Both UK shops.

I also picked up this morning a cotton spotty backing for my Half Moon Modern Quilt
And another couple of FQ spots for my stash (you may notice I can't get enough of spots!)
These come from my local store in Eastbourne Owl and sewing cat.

Now off to baste my quilt top to the red spotty fabric!

Friday 3 February 2012

Wow check out this competition

Any kind of swing machine or by hand counts...

Follow the link on the right.

Off to sew my quilt top.


Thursday 2 February 2012

Design Wall

Half Moon Modern Metro for Moda

This is stuck on my design wall at the moment, after getting my Kona White solid and cutting it up.I was finally able to take my charm pack of the Half Moon Modern, I took out all the greys and one other colour charm square so was left with 33 5" charms, cut them in half to get 66 triangles.
 I keep seeing some colours too close to each other and swapping them around, and now looking at the photo I can see the 2 big red dot fabrics (centre) staring at me!
Once pieced I will add a border (I think as this will only measure approx 32" square otherwise). bring it back to 40" x 40".
Perfect for a small lap quilt or best a play mat quilt.
I will be starting the sewing tomorrow night.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Due to being away until Friday I do not have a lot to show that I already haven't started or finished!
A tea pot cosy above in the making.
so my list is:
Finished Quilts 1
Ongoing Quilts 3
Finished small projects 3
Ongoing small projects 1
1 messy sewing room 1

Off to see what everybody else is up to. Kxx

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