Sunday 31 July 2011

Sewing Overdose Weekend

Lavender Scottie Dog
Bag of Love
Tilda Quilt in Blues

Do you see a theme going on, I seem to have been drawn to making every thing in blues with a hint of green, maybe next week I'll have to go down the pink colour range!! The Dog is in vintage fabric, the bag in Amy Butler fabric and the Quilt in Tilda blues by Tone Finnanger.

I'm back to work tomorrow so wanted to cram in the sewing and overdose as keeping fit, sport, lifting (housework - yippie!!) and sunbathing is out the question for at least another 2 weeks (sunbathing forever) .

Finished off with a stack of oilcloth peg bags.
I love making these as no over locking! a doddle to cut and just kitsch fun.
I will do a tutorial for these if anybody thinks they want to make one, just using a kids plastic hanger.

Tonight's sewing is stuffing and hand sewing Scottie dogs and pincushions hopefully in front of a good TV program..... well we all but hope.


Friday 29 July 2011

A Growing Family

Meet Peanut the owl tea cozy
She loves chamomile tea, elephants, and strawberry milkshakes.
 Meet Pixie
She loves green tea, forests and fairies and cupcakes.
Meet Rosie.
Rosie loves a cup of 'Rosie' 'Rosie Lee' tea (Cockney Slang), visiting country houses and blueberry muffins.

The cutest doll mini quilt set
Containing 1 quilt, 1 pillow, and removable green floral pillow sham and 2 reversible throw pillows each with Robert Kaufman urban circus one side and pink Micheal miller dumb dots on the other one with pink Ric rac the other with yellow Ric rac. The quilt top is Urban Circus and the reverse is Amy Butler Midwest modern, free hand quilted and bubblegum pink polka dot trim, the main pillow cover matches the pillow shams and top and cute yellow Ric rack and trim to finish it off.
Quilt Measuring 18" x 22"
Pillow Measuring 4" x 8"
Throw Pillows 5" x 5"
Cottage Quilt
LARGE Lap or Toddler quilt - or fit over single bed
Measuring 50" X 88"
Selling this for under £50.00 as should be over £100.00 for the size but pieced it together wrong, you will see on pictures on Etsy site, I started this a months ago but never got around to finishing it off probably because it wasn't perfect and just needed 2 hours in front of the TV to hand blind stitch the binding on.
Yippie I can now leave comments! this is fab.
After having surgery last week I now have 3 very itchy holes in my stomach, and then following 4 stitches in my back for mole removal on Tuesday, my back is tight and ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I can't scratch, can you go insane from itchy skin....
Happy Friday all and its almost the weekend.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Can't leave comments on blogs!!

Dolls Quilt set - SOLD

Having a great problem at the moment can't seem to leave comments on peoples blogs, keeps sending me back to signing in then telling me I am anonomous and then asking me to re sign in, over and over again.
So i have been reading blogs but can't reply!! So appologises for lack of conversation in the blog worls, I will shut down again later and hope all is ok!

Anway when I did my made making a couple of weeks ago with the tea cozies (WHICH HAVE ALL SOLD), I also made a doll quilt set, this also sold within 5 days. So my mission is to finish the 5 tea cozies cut ready to sew, and to mke up another 5 doll quilt sets, as if this is what I am going to sell then had better make more!!

I also have been making more hlaf aprons and sold 12 to one customer alone in OZ for her bidesmaids, these always go down well, and I think its because I dont price them to high, but still make a profit.

I was In hospital last Monday for keyhole surgery and thought I was going to have a week off, but was signed off for 2 weeks, I went back to hospital yesterday for another op (mole removal), 4 stitches later, and yesterday when the injections had worn off I didnt know what to do with myself as I have sore tender stomach, told not to lift do anything and sore back as cannot streach and again told not to lift twist bla bla for at least 3 weeks!!! I was In bed with my codine at 9pm feeling sorry for myself. I feel OK at the moment but can feel as the day wears on (even though all I am doing is sitting) my stomach gets tender,sore and tight, and my back is going the same way (and its only 10am). I can't shower again until Friday, luckly I am not at work as my hair will look manky (is that still a word  from my youth!)

 Few more pics of what has been made in the last couple of weeks....

Mouse Coffee Cozy

 Orange Hot Pot Mat
Elephant Oven Glove

Skull & Roses Oven Glove

Urban Circus Oven Glove

Skull Oven Glove

Camouflage Oven Glove

Have a great week


Saturday 16 July 2011

Life in Miniature

 I have gained another addiction......

 Mini cushions for Dolls Houses 12th scale

Like any sewers out there I can't bare to throw out scraps,
I wanted to find even more excuses to use the small pieces up with.
I'm not into applique like some of you are, mine just are not 'right'.
So I turn mine normally into buttons and log cabin hotpot mats etc.
BUT now a new outlet mini dolls house cushions and soon mini quilts!
I don't own a dolls house and I don't own a child (yet...)
But since sewing mini cushions I really can see the appeal in making mini rooms perfect (not these shop bought plastic rubbish) but loving make furniture and fabrics.
The difference is those stitches you use to hand sew say a 16" cushion shut, then have to become quite invisible on a 1 1/4" square!! now where did I put those glasses................

Thursday 14 July 2011

Time Flies! What a Hoot!

 Nellie the Owl Tea Cozy - SOLD
Honey the Owl Tea Cozy - SOLD

 Sam the Owl Tea Cozy
Lilly the Mouse Coffee Cozy

Well time has flown and after taking time out, sewing things for me (dresses and skirts!), I am still trying to restock my Etsy shop before I even start to think about my folksy shop.
At the weekend I made 3 tea cozies and one coffee cozy and have already sold 2 of my owls and and older retro owl in 3 days. You just know when you are onto a good think, problem is I just need to keep up with demand, so it now looks like any other projects can sit unfinished and look to make one tea cozy a night for the next 2 weeks! in hope that I keep getting the sales - oh why didn't I win the lottery.

Anyway hope you are all well and next week I go into hospital for a small op and have the week off, so will be catching up on blogland, with a lot of tea -  can't wait!!

Next week time to rearange the blog and pages and get updated, but in the meantime i'll pop a few more pics of what i have been making over the last couple of months, and get going on a few more tutorials.

Love and Hugs

Karen x