Thursday 15 April 2010


Freya the Frog
Fynn the Frog
Frodo the Frog

Have you every tried to photograph a frog, well due to their dimensions they are pretty hard to fit in a square, if you take a picture at eye level, it doesn't look like a frog, and if you take it from above it looks like a squashed frog. So during my lunch hour at work, I ran over to a field to get some daylight pictures, I may have to try again on Freya at the weekend when I can get a sheet of paper some props and take the pics in daylight. With no sunshine!

After running back to work and dumping (sorry placing) them on the side, one of the guys saw them and immediately snapped up Fynn & Frodo for his wife and mother-in law who love frogs (now I never thought I could sell many crafts at work, let alone frogs) Why;
  1. Because I work with 40 men.
  2. There are only 2 women (who have had tissue cases and purses).
  3. Because I work with men.
  4. I'm too shy about my work to show them.
  5. Because I work with men.
But I have just realised I could be onto a win win situation.
  1. Because men never know what to buy Wife / Girlfriend / Mother.
  2. Men don't haggle over £5.00 or £6.00 being to much for a purse.
  3. Because men never know what to buy Wife / Girlfriend / Mother.
  4. They leave every thing to the last moment.
They are made using Alexander Henry Zoo fabric and their bellies are in Amy Butler Full Moon, Freya is now for sale on Folksy and Etsy, and will have to get busy making another Fynn & Frodo, if I have the fabric.


  1. Love the frogs, great fabric choice. Men and crafts are just weird, sometimes they get it but more often than not they dont, well done on cracking one of them !!!

  2. I love your frogs, gorgeous fabric

  3. They're fab Karen!
    You'll have to casually leave lots more of your lovely stuff around at work. The fact that the blokes don't actually have to GO INTO A SHOP is definitely a winner!

  4. yep definately "just happen to have" a box of for sale items around xmas/valentines/mother's day!!!


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