Tuesday 20 April 2010

Wishing on a White Christmas - FOLKSY

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Wishing on a White Christmas

Go on treat yourself, not others, you know you want to....

Sometimes I wish (although I shouldn't waste a wish) I could have to homes one full of colour the other all white and creams, where I wear white linen trousers a slinky white top, I am 2 stone lighter has a healthy suntan, and chocolate doesn't drop on my lap, and wine wine doesn't stain.
These are just a small collection of folksy's whites and creams.

Happy Friday, and don't forget treat yourself.
p.s click on the picture to go to the Folksy shop.



  1. Thanks for featuring my doorstop Karen! I also love linen :)
    Best wishes, Charlotte


  2. Linen is lovely. It's my greatest wish to be able to wear linen trousers and look wonderful and grown up but I know that I will a) crease it and b) spill on it.

  3. Hi Karen, Thank you for showing my 'Love' cushion.
    Regards Maria :)

  4. Hello Karen, Thanks for showing one of my Linen Mice, I am a huge fan of Linen generally and agree totally with your reasons why. All the best, Beth :)

  5. Yes, there's definitely something about linen, I love working with it too.
    How do you see how many people have viewed your shop? I can't find anything :(

  6. If you want to see how many times an item has been viewed, in the list on the right, go to manage your items, then on the left you can see all your 'items listed for sale' button just below the first 6 pics. Open it up and scroll through seeing how many times you items has been viewed.
    If want to see you shop hits, viewings for the month and where they come from. (this is fab as scary to see you have people from russia, finland all over the world).
    Go to edit apperence and settings in your list on the right. Scroll down and you will see something called google analytics, if you click below to set up and copy and paste that code into the set up.

  7. PS There's an award waiting for you over at my blog!

  8. Some lovely linen finds. I really like linen products that don't need ironing! Well done with the Folksy front page, hopefully lots of new customers will find your shop. (I check the front page every week but haven't made it there yet! I'm not very good at predicting the themes!) K xxx

  9. Thank you, very interesting to see how many views and what items have been favourited.

    B xx

  10. Another hands up for the linen fan club from moi! Thanks for your comment about Ruby's quilt and glad to be of service for the fabric purchasing ;-) Have you bought yet? Those blues/reds are fab aren't they? K x


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