Thursday 29 April 2010


Thinking that it would be sunny over the Bank Holiday weekend (she laughs), I thought I would make some cute paper lanterns to hang from the bamboo in the backyard, whilst eating alfresco.
So after searching the web, I found a few shaped the way I wanted, followed the instructions, and if you fancy making some, this how to do it. Take some wrapping paper, mine is double sided which you dont need, spilt pins / tacs, something to cut with, draw with and a ruler!

Cut 15 strips into 1/2" x 4" (for one lantern), I have cut for three. Use a rotary cutter, knife or sicssors, ruler, pen or pencil.

Next put your 15 strips together and hole punch both ends (carefully), if you dont have a hole punch then  use something sharp, without stabbing yourself.
 Next using your tacs /  split pins, mine are a little large but couldn't get small cheap siver ones, so just had to purchase the pretty pink set in Staples....(honest)
Insert your tacs / spilt pins

Next starting with the botton piece of paper, pull away and twist around, yes at first looks a little wrong.
As you start to fan around the bottom layers, you will start to see the globe take shape.

Finished lantern, just add string or string a few together.
I even made a large lantern 1" x 8" - double the size, looks a little flat on the table, but when hung, looks fab. I will add more photos taken outside when it stops raining!
You could always use these as table decorations, for a dinner party, put them in bowl, vase or just scatter them along the mantlepiece..

Wednesday 28 April 2010


Latest Make - Simple Tee-Shirt Dress
With Boot fair Belt
With self tie belt (long piece of untrimmed fabric)
With my latest sale purchase - Laura Ashley Cardie £15.00
(fell in love with the polka dot belt, shame on me)
With my Bargain Red Mary Jane's from EBay £5.00
Fabric for Dress £5.00 from EBay.
No show white legs unforgivable.
Headless Photo's Priceless.

Saturday 24 April 2010


Finally finished the quilted cushion, after picking up some batting, and the stuff works a treat, just what I had been looking for to do padded gadget cases, as using wadding is far to bulky.
This is a big big 22" x 22" fully quilted front and a brushed cotton, chocolate brown heavy weight fabric back, trimmed with my polka dot chocolate brown bias binding and logo.

I now feel I can tackle a couple more in different colours before embarking on baby quilts or floor mats. I am going to put this up for sale in babyblondedesign.
Now off to drink a ice cold glass of white white!

Thursday 22 April 2010


As you may have noticed I have has a bit of a blog change around, for better or worse only you can decide, spent hours working out how to add tabs, but still can not seem to get any answers on how to link a post into one of the pages, so if anybody knows.... All I keep hearing is the pages are static, but other people have done it so we must be able too!

Got together some scraps of my leftover fabrics in blues and greens, Amy Butler in lime and slate, Alexander Henry Zoo, Chocolate polka dots, Blue and green linen blend plains and a sturdy Chocolate brown for the reverse, and before embarking on a modern quilt I thought I would start with a boys 22" large cushion, hopefully this will be complete by the weekend to take pics! so you can see if I should continue with the quilting.You really must visit my 'new' tab for Yummie Fabrics, for places to buy your hoard, if you have found any others in the UK, please let me know and we can build up a database, I am going to leave off the US ones for now, as they get plenty of blogging through every other website.
I will also add favorite button and ribbon sellers.

Anyway I shall leave you to drool over some fabric packs available at Saints & Pinners
(link on my yummy fabric tab).

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Wishing on a White Christmas - FOLKSY

Oaklea Home & Decor Charlys Gems
Jude Allman Ceramics Blingery
Bee Smith Bridal leeski
The Tea Cosy Shop Gooseberry Moon

Wishing on a White Christmas

Go on treat yourself, not others, you know you want to....

Sometimes I wish (although I shouldn't waste a wish) I could have to homes one full of colour the other all white and creams, where I wear white linen trousers a slinky white top, I am 2 stone lighter has a healthy suntan, and chocolate doesn't drop on my lap, and wine wine doesn't stain.
These are just a small collection of folksy's whites and creams.

Happy Friday, and don't forget treat yourself.
p.s click on the picture to go to the Folksy shop.


Sunday 18 April 2010

Scotty Dogs, Shoes & Cupcakes

My winner of a Tissue Case giveaway, likes cupcakes and blue. So using this fab cupcake fabric and Amy Butler Full Moon Fabric, I produced this little number which will be winging its way in the post tomorrow for Kellie Mairs .

Scotty Dog Pop Purse

Shhhhhh don't tell the boys, a work colleague asked me if I could make a 'towel pouch' for her daughter at school, so she didn't have to drag her bag into the toilets every time she got up.
I have used one of these for a couple of years, saves on space in the handbag!

Pop Purse

I have called them Pop Purses and they fasten with a Popper rather than a zip.
Miffy Pop Purse

All are full lined in cute fabric go to Etsy & Folksy to see the other photos.

Friday 16 April 2010


Oh for the love of linen and vintage bark cloth

12" Floral bark cloth, white linen, butterscotch pom pom, vintage Bakelite buttons and pretty grosgrain ribbon, with zip

16" vintage floral fabric , dove grey linen on reverse and dove grey pom poms, envelope opening

20" off white linen, vintage floral bark cloth, vintage pink buttons and zip opening

All for sale in blondedesigns shops, hope you like. Kx

Thursday 15 April 2010


Freya the Frog
Fynn the Frog
Frodo the Frog

Have you every tried to photograph a frog, well due to their dimensions they are pretty hard to fit in a square, if you take a picture at eye level, it doesn't look like a frog, and if you take it from above it looks like a squashed frog. So during my lunch hour at work, I ran over to a field to get some daylight pictures, I may have to try again on Freya at the weekend when I can get a sheet of paper some props and take the pics in daylight. With no sunshine!

After running back to work and dumping (sorry placing) them on the side, one of the guys saw them and immediately snapped up Fynn & Frodo for his wife and mother-in law who love frogs (now I never thought I could sell many crafts at work, let alone frogs) Why;
  1. Because I work with 40 men.
  2. There are only 2 women (who have had tissue cases and purses).
  3. Because I work with men.
  4. I'm too shy about my work to show them.
  5. Because I work with men.
But I have just realised I could be onto a win win situation.
  1. Because men never know what to buy Wife / Girlfriend / Mother.
  2. Men don't haggle over £5.00 or £6.00 being to much for a purse.
  3. Because men never know what to buy Wife / Girlfriend / Mother.
  4. They leave every thing to the last moment.
They are made using Alexander Henry Zoo fabric and their bellies are in Amy Butler Full Moon, Freya is now for sale on Folksy and Etsy, and will have to get busy making another Fynn & Frodo, if I have the fabric.

Sunday 11 April 2010


Look what I received in the post...........
One beautiful large hanging heart, which I won in Charlotte's giveaway, isn't it beautiful?
I am now going to ask here to make another couple for my Mum & Sis-in law, my Mum just because I want her to have one and my Sis-in law for her up and coming birthday in June (OK so I am trying to get organised!)
Now she doesn't have these for sale on her web page, but I think if we bombarded her with orders she may just have to give in.......
Olive has had a face lift....

My new coffee cosy, Olive the Owl has had a face lift, let me know what you think, she is made from vintage bark cloth with a bit of Amy Butler fabric for her belly and felt, lined in pink daisy fabric and fits a large cafetiere
Hope you had a great weekend Kx

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Facebook Giveaway....

Thought I would do a giveaway on my facebook page, instead of my blog page, all you have to do is click on the link, (just become a fan if you are not already), leave a comment on the note for the giveaway, simples!

Monday 5 April 2010

Sorry I've been gone to long....!

Well, not quite sure where the last three weeks have gone, I've had no time to up date my blog, read blogs, and make stuff!But I'm back, after working ridiculously long hours from 8am to 7pm even 9pm in the week, popping away with my mum one weekend, having friends over another weekend, I couldn't wait to get going again this weekend, in between the washing and now is time to catch up other blogs. Hope you all had a great long weekend, it's a shame to go back to work but at least the hours will be back to normal and I can home and create. So this blog is going to be long.....
My first make this weekend was the mini tote above, the lunch bag as I like to call it. Made with Amy Butler Full moon and Kathy Hall Frippery, I am going to have to buy this frippery in all the colours I can get my hands on.
This is for sale in
Next I perfected Freddie the frog, stuffed with polyfil, so he can be used as a pincushion, I now have too many pincushions on the go around the house, and as I come up with new ones I just have to add to them, in colours to match the room, so I am going to have to make a pink and green Freddie for the sewing room!
Freddie is for sale in
I have got into making tissue holders, they are a little bit addictive.....
the ones shown are in Summersville, Avenue print, who sells on Folksy and Etsy, My stash of Amy Butler fabrics is now running low, so need stock up, as I have found making these cute tissue holders are great to mix and match the pints. (I can see a giant stack of these filling up table soon...) I'll post further pictures of the others in zingy prints later in the week, all for sale in

Lastly I had been waiting on some fab Japanese fabrics to arrive to make buttons, which arrived on Thursdaylittle Red riding Hood Buttons & Robot buttons, for sale in I just love these linen fabric buttons

I have other buttons and bits to show you, but as it has taken me an hour to up load this lot, I will show you some more in the week, oh I have also been featured in http://www.woollylakes.blogspotwith retro Ollie the Owl...
Now off to catch up on some blog reading. Kx