Saturday 24 April 2010


Finally finished the quilted cushion, after picking up some batting, and the stuff works a treat, just what I had been looking for to do padded gadget cases, as using wadding is far to bulky.
This is a big big 22" x 22" fully quilted front and a brushed cotton, chocolate brown heavy weight fabric back, trimmed with my polka dot chocolate brown bias binding and logo.

I now feel I can tackle a couple more in different colours before embarking on baby quilts or floor mats. I am going to put this up for sale in babyblondedesign.
Now off to drink a ice cold glass of white white!


  1. The cushion is lovely Karen, the quilting makes it look really special, Do you use an embroidary foot for that ? Do you draw the lines on freehand or have you followed a pattern ? Maria x

  2. The foot looks pretty much like the modern embroidary feet, but as my machine is 20 years old (think I need a new one!) its metal. All freehand, and start in the middle and work out and around, took just under an hour, dread to think how long a whole quilt will take....Kx

  3. Great cushion karen! You did a fantastic job of the quilting. I reckon you will be a natural for quilting. If you go to my blog you can download my meanders book with a load of easy quilting designs in it. Its under the freehand designs tab. I have some booklets on applying borders and bindings too. Looking forward to seeing the quilt!

  4. Beautiful! It looks like a lot of hard work (from someone who doesn't sew!)
    Tracy x

  5. Your work is so great, I love it, please pop over to my blog where an award is waiting for you x


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