Tuesday 17 May 2011

Its Darling - Daily Etsy Pick UK

of London
Well all I can say is scrummy bags, for every outfit possible.
This one is in Liberty Print Sunflower Fabric.
Click on the title and it will take to to Rym's Etsy Shop.

Saturday 14 May 2011

How do you hide this?

Think I may have overdosed on fabric purchases this week........

The bottom three oilcloths are for book tote bags and peg bags to make.
The next two Clarke & Clarke fabrics are for the aprons.
The lilac quilting one is to finish of a cottage quilt.
The blue polka dot & rose fabric from Tanya Whelan grand revival fabrics are for a skirt I want to make.
The top 13 FQ's I stumbled upon in my local fabric store are from Kate Spain Central Park collection for my cushions and some coasters.

like most of you fabric stash horders, I quess I could not buy and fabric for a year and still have enough to make stuff, but I just love having the selection to be able to make what I want when I want.

If only I didn't have a full time job as well.

So if anybody is listening up there, as I didn't win the euro lottery last might please can I win tonight, only have a few things on my list I want.
A cottage with land in the country
A Pashley Red Bike
A very large amoire for my fabrics
More Fabrics
A Blackberry Phone
A bias binding iron/rolling machine

Well it is my big 40 birthday on the 26th so if I don't win the lottery, I know I am getting the phone (can't wait) and I am working on my brother to help put towards the bias binding machine which is about £80.00, the cottage will have to wait, and of course the chickens until I get the cottage, the amoire and bike are more within my reach.......just have to buy less fabric.


Wednesday 11 May 2011

It's Darling - UK Etsy Pick

Suzanne Jackson

I'm back in the land of the living after a weeks hols in Spain and then spend the beginning of the week getting straight again! 
I have never come back off a holiday and somebody say fab suntan, I get the 'you look healthy' quote. something to do with blonde hair and ginger skin....
Anyway, loving dirtylush's bangles in her shop, and I must say chip as chips as a set of four works out at under £3.50 per bangle.