Monday 21 December 2009


These old tins have worked their way down from my grandmother, to my mum then finally I managed to relive them from her about 10 years ago.......the bottom tin has always been the button box but also has my bobbins, the middle tin contains sewing machine parts and things I don't know where to put! the top tin as always is the zip tin.
This is one corner of my spare room, with the computer (oh and what a surprise a pile of fabrics!), to the left which you can't see is a full size drawing table which I sit at and cut fabric and draw patterns (don't ask how it all fits in the room), a bed in the other corner and behind the cupboard door you see on the right is my fabric stash.....

As you can see I'm not the neatest folder in the world, and the fabrics get harder to fold when you take a chunk out of them (that's my excuse anyway).

A pile of fabrics

Another pile of fabrics

yet another pile of fabrics

And another, this one has scrummy bark cloth, which I have just started to collect pieces of, hopefully to make Ollie tea cosies out of..

I also keep buying ribbons, and not always with a purpose to use them for anything, you can blame other folksy sellers, its like being in the middle of a sweet shop and not coming out with anything.

Buttons, bindings, yo-yos and all sorts ready for new homes.

And a rare picture of me at the sewing machine on the makeshift pasting table.

Tuesday 15 December 2009


Legyviel In Rivendell
OK so the snow hasn't quite reached the south coast YET, but as they said in the girl guides, brownies or scouts, can't quite remember!, always be prepared, I could do with these socks now, so Swedish ya.
I could have a bad hair day (well that's most days), and nobody would notice in this woolly number, but not for the faint hearted.

Hattie's Heritage Handknits
These would be fab with the socks and hat, although I know my hubby would not stand next to me at this point.........

If only these slippers were in my size............add another 38yrs...
These PJ's would brighten up Christmas morning! Christmas Day, a white sandy beach preferable on one of the Fiji islands, drinking champagne, eating watermelon.....dream on.

Monday 14 December 2009

BUTTON WINNER................

I am only a day behind, the story of my life! but the winner out of the five who entered, is ALEXIMO!!! Well done, this is her blog, Found on Folksy which is great because it is all about sellers on folksy.

(Aleximo, I will get you to email me you address so I can get them off in the post tomorrow, I am guessing by your reply to the previous thread you want the porcupine and mushroom set as above, if not let me know which set you want).

Another custom skull cushion finished, on its way to America, in baby blue suede and the original red and blacks as requested, I really wished I has made a lot more for the shop ready for Christmas, as I have sold 15 of these and only have one left at home. But I think in the new year, I will make them along with the superhero cushions, the bulk of my shop. Plus I will feel braver about taking them to a couple of select shops to see if they will take stock, maybe one in Brighton and one in London. Kx

Friday 11 December 2009


Wow I can't believe I have now reached 61 followers and to celebrate I am giving away a sets of covered buttons from blondesbackyard

You can chose which buttons you want, if you win!!!
All you have to do is reply to this, add a link if you like...:-)
I will do the draw on Sunday evening, can post on Monday in time for Christmas...Ho!Ho!Ho!

UK Handmade online mag have a gift guide, and is wonderfully laid out and really makes you want to purchase all the items listed and the story is fab, quite a few fellow folksy sellers have their items listed, I have managed to get my hair clips from babyblondedesign listed on p5, which again is fab (oh dear seems to be the word of the moment).

I have also been playing around with my banners this evening for folksy, what do you think? a bit slicker than before......I know, I know I have 2 custom skull cushions to make, (tomorrow is another day as they say), sewing is harder after a glass or two of red wine! trust me I have tried it.

I hope everybody else has managed to have a bumper sales month, next year I need to be even quicker, no 'custom' items listed, it is just enough to get home from work and find you have sold something, wrap it up and post it off, let alone start from scratch, hunt out new fabric, buy new fabric, cut more skulls and get sewn within my deadline of 2 evenings, it doesn't compare at all to last years poor sales.


Monday 7 December 2009


For those who don't know Folksy are running a charity competition, we all made items to go and be auctioned off on eBay for Sue Ryder see the link for all the entries
We don't get any money from it, only the charity Sue Ryder, come and have a look and bid!!!
This is my link

Wednesday 2 December 2009


Another Custom Skull Cushion 16", sold from my baby blondedesign shop on folksy using the retro fabrics for the skull picked up for the upcycle competition. My Customer wanted a brown or denim cushion but saw the fabrics on the denim upcycled 10" cushion and asked if I could use those and put on the brown fabric used on another cushion, I love it.
What do you think............Kx

Monday 30 November 2009

I love it when my things get to be on the featured pages of Folksy, Ollie the Owl Tea Cosy this time in the top left corner on this view, my last item a Queen tote with pearls only lasted a couple of hours before being brought. So it defiantly brings in more customers to the shop!
So come on Ollie smile for the camera......Kx

Thursday 26 November 2009

What a Hoot!

My Ollie & Ollie tea & coffee cosies are selling very well, thanks to the added orders from Hunkydoryhome this week, I have around 10 half finished owls hanging off the pin board, as well as about another 20 other half finished projects and I desperately need to get some of the owls finished over the weekend so I can get some natural light to take photos, as dark evenings and a flash just don't do justice to still life photo's.

Is it just me that just can't finish one project? before getting yet another light bulb moment after staring at cupboard crammed full of fabrics, then pulling half out over the floor to match them up, and then spend hours (well it seems like hours) refolding them, then noticing another fabric I forgot, pulling it out, again I stare at it, wondering what I can make from it. Before I know it, I have yet again, another pile of fabrics on the table, on top of the pile already there, except by now I have forgotten what light bulb moment I came up with for the fabrics at the bottom of the pile, so they go back in the cupboard..........


Monday 23 November 2009

BUTTON LOVE............

These are some of more more recent covered buttons uploaded to blondesbackyard, come and have a look............. Kx


Ok so pincushion rings have been around a while, so not totally original, but totally practical!
I have been waiting for these rings to arrive for about 3 weeks, and can't wait to get on making more of these in different colours.
I've got them for sale in blondesbackyard on folksy.


Saturday 14 November 2009


This is a custom order for a blue cushion in blues and reds, hoping the customer likes it!
I am quite liking the coloured cushions, and all the custom orders I have made have asked for coloured cushions rather than white!
So my new next few cushions are going to be in colours, which is great as I have lime, red, blue and brown linen ready to go........


Wednesday 11 November 2009


My Entry into the Sue Ryder Upcycle Competition
And this is how I got there.....

Take one pile of fabrics & an old zip from a charity shop......
Sew the strips of denim together for the cushion cover
Cut out the skull shapes
I was quite amused at with the mouth made with the fabric pattern!

The back sewn together..........

The front & sides sewn together.........
The Hidden Zip......
The Words..........
10" Hand cut out skull 'n' crossbones over stitched to cushion front.
Psychedelic Ab Fab Skull!
For this I used denim jean legs cut up into strips as the cushion cover on both sides, the jeans came from The Salvation Army, an old 70's tablecloth / or curtain fabric was used for the eyes and bones and another super soft 70's curtain fabric as the skull, these 2 fabrics came from the Salvation army furniture store which near me sells 'remnants' of old fabrics, the opening at the bottom has a recycled bottle green and metal zip, with the word 'lightening' on the pull! this zip came from an old holdall of mine. It is machine embroidered around the skull and bones.
If you love this cushion please add it to your favourite items. So I have a chance of winning the competition
Enjoy! K x

Sunday 8 November 2009


Congratulation's ladies, can you email me at I can get the apron and the heart out in the post to you both.
And for anybody out there reading this, take a look at Hannah's blog she is giving away a crochet snowflake and hat, I want, I want!!
Simply H has wonderful mermaids (which I think would make great tooth fairies... as they carry an tiny bag).
Julie, has very cute tiny painting on Etsy.
And for all those needing a fix of buttons, and bindings, I have spent all afternoon uploading new stuff to blondesbackyard.

Thursday 5 November 2009


I am doing a giveaway - sorry it's a bit late!

Its for one of my 'Hostess' Half Apron in Lemon Spot and Lemon Floral, with Pink Bias binding.

These are made in heavy weight fabric used for curtains or furnishings.

As I make quite a few aprons I seem to have one of each design haning in kitchen, so I can't moan that my apron does not match my outfit!

This will fit anybody the ties are at least 20" on each end.

I will make the draw on Sunday Evening so I can get out in the post on Monday.

ALL you have to do is leave a reply on the post (you can always blog about it!).

The Runner up will get One of my Hearts.


Friday 30 October 2009


Skull Necklace - Comf!
Heart Bookmark - Nintai Jewelly
No these things are not crackers, but will be in crackers on the festive table this year!
Every year my family try and make a home made cracker present for everybody around the dinner table, the cost is around £5.00, this necklace is for my teen niece to go in a cracker, and the heart bookmark is for my mum, I'll get the Sis-in law to get a couple and Mum to get a couple.
I have decided that I am at my up most going to make my own Christmas presents or buy all my presents from fellow crafters, artists on Folksy, and failing that on Etsy or from Other British crafting outlets.
We set ourselves a limit of £20ish on Christmas presents anyway, and have listed ideas below, if anybody comes up with ideas let me know.
Cracker Present
(has to fit in a Toilet roll, and can be fun, sexy, humours, get my drift...)
Husband Neil - No Idea! Reads, plays computer, loves tools
Brother Mark- No Idea! Loves Rugby, VW Caravans, and the shop Fatface!
Sis-in-law Jan (brothers wife) - Loves Jewellery, green & brown - £5 Earings?
Niece Bethany- Anything teenage, boys, skulls (Lucky!) - SKULL NECKLACE - DONE
Nephew Thomas- Loves Dinosaurs, Green, Yellow, PS - Thinking Finger Puppet?
Me -Anything!
Main Present - £20ish
Mum - Make-up/travel bag, yet more jewellery, clothes?
Sis-in Law - Jewellery , make-up bag
Niece - Skull 16" Cushion, one of mine in Pink & Blue (Easy!)
Husband - Thinking printed T-shirt?
Brother - Thinking Printed T-Shirt / VW Pic / ?
Nephew - Thinking printed T-shirt (see where I am going!!!)
Also like to point out Thomas my Nephew already has a pile of things made by me, but have yet to finish his stuffed felt letters, spelling his name, and every week he asks, 'when is Karen going to finish my name!' (as he can only spelt TOMS at the moment!)
Me - Anything.....
K x

Monday 26 October 2009


Just uploaded these to folksy, country charm meets lollipop flowers! I have inherited my fathers very large stash of beautiful fabrics, from herringbone weaves to tweeds, all are ex-military, or quality suiting 100% wool fabrics, which would cost the earth to by in the right shop, all have have been stashed away in a trunk, and now take pride of place (admittedly a very large space, and they weigh a ton), in my fabric cupboard.
I knew I wanted to do smart cushions with these without trying to be to cheesy or them looking to dated, if you catch my drift. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa in front of the fire and a mug of hot chocolate. If anybody else has any other ideas on what to embellish on the front, let me know, and if you come up with an idea I will use, I will send you your very own cushion!
I have priced them at £20 for the large ones and £15.00 for the smaller ones, I know I could go higher, because if I had brought the fabric, there wouldn't be a profit, but then I am less likely to sell more. Kx

Friday 23 October 2009

I'm in the NewYork Daily Newspaper!!!!

This is an article from today's Friday NY Daily Newspaper, supplement. I guess it is the equivalent of the Evening Standard Friday supplement.
My Cushion made into the bottom right hand corner, and was told by the NYDailynews, it was the firm favorite, amongst the team, how exciting.
All I need now is for the article to bring footfall to my Etsy Shop!
I'm waiting with my sewing machine and overlocker at the ready...........

Wednesday 21 October 2009


Helen Killers Comment
"And I like to think somebody broke your soldering gun before you could make any more of these"
I have stumbled upon this website/blog called regretsy, it is basically taking the rise out of some of the stuff produced on Etsy. The site even links you back to the item for sale on Etsy.

Etsy are aware of this and don't condemn it, as they think it brings sales and footfall!
And they are right, some of the objects, art, sewing and knitted items are just so WRONG!!
but they sell!
Some of the items, which I didn't even know existed, can be seen as risky or X rated to others, and as per Helen's heading; 'handmade - looks like you made it with your feet'.
Helen Killer's comments, underneath each item just adds to humour, I haven't laughed so much in weeks (this of course does depend on you having a warped sense of humour).


Saturday 17 October 2009


I'm so happy.
I have had a great week this week, and I just hope it carries on getting better! It may not seem much, but if I was to carry on selling the same amount each week, my sewing skills may just bring in a pre-Christmas little bonus to spend on presents or filling up the house with food and drink!
I have sold one of my Olive the coffee cosies through
Hunkydoryhome, 1 apron through blondedesign on folksy, some supplies of plain totes through my blondesbackyard on folksy, plus 2 of the 10" red and black skull cushions for a Christmas present through babyblondedesign on folksy, I almost sent them out only to see a comment that the little girl had a pink and black room! So I quickly emailed her to say I will make her 2 pink and black versions, and she is over the moon.
I was contacted by the New York Daily News last week, they are going to put the orange large cushion in an article! And she is going to send me a copy after.
So I am now almost out of skull cushions, and after having a light bulb moment, realise that if something sells well ~ keep making them!
Before I go, and catch up on everybody's blogs, thought I would show you my latest little make, teacup pincushion for sale on blondedesign on folksy & Etsy.
Last but not least....
At the end of the month I am going to do a giveaway of this lemon spot floral half watch out next week for a giveaway post where all you will have to do is write under the article and I will pull a name out of the hat. Kx