Sunday 30 September 2012

Vintage Modern Quilt Top Complete!

Vintage Modern Hexi Quilt Top
 Bonnie & Camille fabrics
 could wait to try out a half hexagon quilt on these fabrics,
which I purchased yesterday (see yesterdays post).

Out of the 10 FQ fabrics I have used under half,
so i have enough for a doll quilt, cushion and some left for mixing it up with others.
It will be about 38" x 46" ish, once I have a white 2" frame around it, cot, lap or snuggle quilt,
But that's a job for another day.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Saturday Stash

Popped into my local fabric shop to purchase some batting to finish of a quilt.
I ended up walking out with these 10 FQ of vintage modern by Bonnie & Camille.
I was going to buy more and add more of the colours in the collection but had a really annoying woman quilter who keep looking at my picks and saying no you don't want to do that, clashing, no don't add the green, add some of these (yuckky old fashioned peach fabrics - which DONT SIT with Vintage Modern), and where ever I stood she stood next to me holding her matching (but not matching) fabrics,  so I had to get out before she followed me home.
Never thought you could be stalked by a quilter before, first time for everything.
I am thinking of trying a half hexagon quilt with these.
And as Hubby is away working until next Friday, 
I think I may just get a bit of sewing in every night after work.
But I can't wait and I am off to cut it into pieces.
I haven't a clue how big I will make, that's my problem I will just lay it out on the floor as I go, it baby cot size or may get a twin single out of it if I border it with white...
Happy Weekend, and watch out for stalking quilters............

Thursday 27 September 2012

Doll Quilts & Bunting

The sun popped out
and I was at home
I got some mini quilts photographed 
I used Cape Ann Fabrics for 3 of them
 one in blues
88 2.5" squares into 2" squares
One in Green 
And one in pink
All with spotty bias biding from my shop 
Matching scallop bunting
2" wide 1.5 metres long 
Loop ends and cute covered buttons
to finish the ends ready for hanging 
And then some more..
A simple grey pompom quilt
would make a great baby photo prop 
A slightly smaller one
Liberty of London prints 
Think I have shown this one before
a candy mix of pinks and prints 
Love making these
just too many fabric collections to choose from!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Time for Tea!

The Quilted Teapot

I've been playing with scraps!
And different shapes for mug rugs and pan or pot mats.
Thing the handle could be a little smaller and the body a little larger
The body is approx 7" wide 8" tall and width in total about 11"
I sketched it out and cut out the body and spout.
The handle is bias binding sewn longways and stuffed,
the best way to use fabric on the curve is on the bias
And finished with gingham ribbon and a fabric covered button.

And so time for tea, before bed. Kxx

Sunday 9 September 2012

Green all Squares Quilt finished!

Green All Squares Quilt
55" x 75"
192 5" squares make up the quilt 
The back is in 4 strips alternate sage green polka dots and vintage yellow floral fabric
Sewn in straight lines opposite sides of the joins 
It is 12 squares wide and 16 squares long
This comes up larger than a single bed quilt
(or a twin in USA terms) 
Yellow candy stripe bias binding from my shop
almost 7metres of binding! 
To me its a happy sunny, brighten your morning quilt!

Saturday 8 September 2012

The Argyll Quilt

The Argyll Quilt
40" x 42"
In Navy and White Triangles, cut at 5"
with a red machine patterned stitch
as you can see it it totally sewn as a free hand line!
and never again do I want to pick such a small machine stitch again
1 red cotton reel later, breaking approx every other diamond
as you can see, and about 3 boring hours
Navy and white candy strip binding from my shop
and that STITCHING
I do love the suilt don't get me wrong
I also loved doing the argyll diamonds

I can see this in all sorts of colours, pinks and lemons for girls.
Turquoise and lime for boys.
Just never ever doing fancy machine stitching again
I will have to come up with something else.....
Oh and forgot, backed in a fab red polka dot.

Cape Ann for Doll Quilts

Just purchased some Cape Ann
I have been looking for cutie fabric to make doll quilts with.
And then remembered this from Oliver & S.
I think the 3 colourways will make 3 great patchwork quilts.
Any doll quilts I make seem to sell in the girly pastel colours first, over bright colours. But we shall see.
Just also means I get a theme going through with the mini quilts.
And can make a couple of each colourway at a time.
So hopefully in a couple of weeks I can have something to show you.

Friday 7 September 2012

Quilting in Pantone....

Well it looks like lemon zesty & grey alloy or tidal foam will still stand the test of time in bang up to date quilts & cushions.
Perfect still my favourite colours of the moment.

I'm quite liking the idea of the poppy red, Monaco blue with linen colour rather than white
Some cool quilts and cushions in colour blocking do you think.
Now where did I park that yacht of mine.....

Then taking all the cool blue / greens from the emerald, greyed jade, dusk blue and tender shoots, wouldn't that also make a beach hut vibe quilt..

Now African Violet, this is the sort of colour that gets left at the bottom of the pile.
Maybe for once mixing the Violet with the Nectarine (toned down tangerine), mix in a bit of tidal foam and Monaco Blue, going for a denim look for a hippy chick quilt.

Looks like I may have just talked myself into some quilts to add to the list to make.....
Free Kona Cotton Jelly Rolls of cool, warm and dark are welcome in my home, anytime.
actually if the world is listening then any free fabric is welcome in my home,
rent is free, no bills to pay, get their own home (white studio cabby hole).
Somebody to listen to, mainly me talking to myself over my sewing machine.
What more could they ask for...

p.s Very Sunny Weekend in UK in south, I have quilts that need photographing on the beach.
New photos will be uploaded on Saturday night.
Some of of older quilts which the original pictures I took were naff to say the least.
And finally finished, my green squared twin quilt, a navy & white Argyle Quilt with red stitching
(should have done it Monaco blue, linen with the red THEN I would be super on trend....!LOL

Sunday 2 September 2012

Make - Mini Lavender Pillows

Mini Lavender Pillows

I saw a tutorial for this a while ago on The Purl Bee
and have been thinking of ways to use my scraps of Liberty of London's Tana Lawn fabric.
so I wanted to make mini lavender pillows......
If you have any jelly roll scraps this is perfect
I had 16 different Liberty fabrics cut to 2.5" 2.5"
I then cut 16 backing fabrics in a white spot to 2.5" x 2.5"
(these are mini!)
Next I folded over 1/4" of one edge and ironed
for both the front and back.
Place the 2 pieces of fabric right side together
sew down both sides and along bottom edge.
Turn right side out
fill with 2-3 teaspoons of lavender and pin
A pile pinned ready to hand sew
Slip-stitch closed the opening
You are then finished
I am thinking of making little boxes for these as they would make great gifts. Just seems that your are giving more 16 instead of say 3 or 4.
Now all I need to do is find a tutorial on box making......