Sunday 11 April 2010


Look what I received in the post...........
One beautiful large hanging heart, which I won in Charlotte's giveaway, isn't it beautiful?
I am now going to ask here to make another couple for my Mum & Sis-in law, my Mum just because I want her to have one and my Sis-in law for her up and coming birthday in June (OK so I am trying to get organised!)
Now she doesn't have these for sale on her web page, but I think if we bombarded her with orders she may just have to give in.......
Olive has had a face lift....

My new coffee cosy, Olive the Owl has had a face lift, let me know what you think, she is made from vintage bark cloth with a bit of Amy Butler fabric for her belly and felt, lined in pink daisy fabric and fits a large cafetiere
Hope you had a great weekend Kx


  1. Love Olive and the heart!

  2. I love the heart and the Olive the owl, they are both gorgeous.

  3. So pleased you are happy with your heart plaque! I enjoyed making it how you wanted it. There will be a few more of these in my shop soon :)

  4. The coffee cosy is just lovely. I also have to say I've just bought a children's cushion from you via Folksy and have now stumbled on your blog, brilliant, thank you, Karen.

  5. I love Olive! Thanks for becoming a new follower on my blog. SueXX

  6. What an amazing "owl"!!! Love all the treasures you are sharing here! Have a great week!

  7. I'm a fan on facebook but didn't realise you had a blog too, very happy to of found you, am now a follower.
    Love your cushions, love making them myself but must confess don't have the patience to do what you do.

    Beki xxx

  8. Thanks for the comments, it makes me want to run home and slide into the sewing machine chair! Kx

  9. Oh my your coffee cosy is way too cute for words...I love your sweet blog..thanks for visiting me..oh and your sweet blue polka dot creamer is adorable x100!!!


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