Saturday 27 February 2010



New cute lavender owls for sale, I have made these with Amy Butler Fabrics, I wonder if somebody can put me right but have heard the lotus full moon fabric is discontinued (oh no, I love this versatile fabric!).
Anyway let me know what you think are they worth making more of for craft fairs etc.
Felt and ribbon is from lilywhitescrafts
Buttons and ribbon are from paperfish
Fabric from downshadowlane

And I got a new award from Cinnamon Jewellery (top left), I didn't win her give away of a lovely pair of earring's mind you so now I am just going to have to buy a pair!
Cinnamon Jewellery


Sunday 21 February 2010


Ahoy me hearties!
Come 'n' see what booty I've got for you......
(I can't go on..)

Three new cushions added to babyblondedesigns, I have another 3 on the go, ready to be sewn together, brown with camouflage greens, black with the pinks and spots, baby blue with blues and reds, plus just finished 2 custom requests, will post them up tomorrow, think I need to get a baby pink and soothing green one on the go, but have given up of the day as I can't spot sneezing and coughing (nice).


Friday 19 February 2010


This Treasury was created by
f0or newbie shops (me!!, go check out some new stuff, esp the ;-bracelets....(oh and my mushroom buttons in the top left hand corner, see how many hits I get)

how she managed to get a slot I don't know, I have given up trying, because of the time zones, I always miss it!!

Anyway getting back to the point Moonanglnay is in Birmingham UK she is a digital artist and photographerand a member of Etsy team.
Her blog is

And I am loving the 'lips' photo on page 2.


Sunday 14 February 2010


OK, so do you ever buy too many craft things, thinking, oh I'll start making some of those, well I can quite honestly hold both my hands up and, yes me me me a few times over.
The pile of beads, bead making wire thingies, vintage beads, some nappy pin brooch things (Mmm as you can see my terminology on jewellery making is zero...) oh and a reel of stretchy clear wire stuff for bracelets, is one little pile, I know I cant just throw away, so the first person, hopefully a jewellery making person who leaves a message gets it. Then just email me your address at, and I will stick it in the post.
Its great to up cycle.
New to www.folksy/shops/ is this up cycled bark cloth fabric make-up & coin purse set, lined in denim and edges in my bias binding and cover button, groovy baby.

Also new to www.folky/shops/ is this up cycled bark cloth fabric make-up & coin purse set, lined in Amy Butler fabric and edged in my bias binding and owl cover button, this is your my down to earth with nature 70's retro.

Don't forget, I read a saying somewhere using this keep calm motto;

Keep Calm
Re-cycle On

Friday 12 February 2010


I said if more than 10 poeple entered I would give 2 rings away insteasd of one and as I had a massive 13 entires, 2 are up for grabs, so I wrote you all down
Screwed you all up and picked 2 out...

Well done to Posie Patchwork, who's quilts are giving me the push to soon start my 2010 resolution to make a quilt (OK so I shall start on a cot sized one first..)
Here is her blog and go back a few blogs and you will find a fabric stash like no other!! Drool.......
Well done to Emily Pickle who's little zip purses I always adore, also take a look at her hair clips and the purses she is in the prosess of making this is her blog
I will need to get the details from you of a ring you have spotted already on my blog, or if you want one made to your specifications of colour felt and fabric you see....

Wednesday 10 February 2010


WOW! I have a massive 85 followers, and as I also haven't done a giveaway this year yet, I thought I would start with a pin cushion ring.
If you win you will be able to chose any of the ones you have seen pictured, or for sale on my folksy or my new (no sales yet!) etsy site, or you can chose any of the fabrics and felt colour.............
All you have to do is leave a comment, simple!
I shall do the draw on Friday night, and if its already made it will be in the post on Saturday.
Spread the word. Kxxx

Monday 8 February 2010


My Experiment
I received some scrummy comic book fabric the post, and have been toying with the idea of what to use it for, so for starters here is my first needle book at 9cm x 9cm.
What do you think?
Think I may also make some puffy pincushions to match, cute make up bags for blondedesigns and pencil cases for babyblondedesign...

Sunday 7 February 2010


I have been at my Mums for 3 days wearing these very cute handmade slipper socks, which I received the post just before I left.
These are my folksy heart swap present from cakesknitsandcosies
also received this cute hand knitted heart, which I am going to attach to my keyring.

My sis-in-law thought they were fab, and thought I may have made them, as last year (shame on me) her Mum gave me an unused knitting machine, along with, retro knitting mags 40 years old and instructions and wool, which I have always wanted.
But had to sadly point out that a} the the machine has yet to see daylight, as still in the corner of my sewing room b} Even if I had managed to get it out the box, does she really think I could whip up a lovely pair of knitted slippers with cream edging and with different stitches c} my knitting skills still amount to zero.
So all you knitters out there, you have no fear in the next to distant future ( I am guessing 5-10 years) that I won't be whipping up knitted bikini's, retro brown and orange groovy legwarmers (for rollerblading), cute fingerless gloves, cushion covers in tones of greys of the union jack, beanie hats, a red Beret and pretty hanging hearts.

Wednesday 3 February 2010


My Folksy Heart Swap for SpoiltPig........
Is that it, is that all you have made?
Well the Answer to that Question is no........
This is her extra prezzie to go with her bigger prezzie....
Oh I see, so what is the bigger prezzie then?
Well before I go on, I was given spoiltpig as my fellow crafter to make something for, so I has to do a bit of digging.......
  • Her hair colour changes with the seasons...............
  • She likes the weird and the wonderful
  • Amongst other things is influenced by punk, grunge, and the colour black
  • Read somewhere that she is a big fan of skull 'n' crossbones
  • Her jewellery pieces also if they stay in the shop long enough, contain skulls
  • Luckily likes hearts (phew, well at least I made a little hanging one!)
  • Oh and did I mention a tea drinker


followed by...............

The Tea Cosy

SpolitPig do not worry about running out of hot tea in the morning as this will fit a large large tea pot. In Black dot baby cord fabric and funky Alexander Henry Skulls fabric

To keep the theme going, its lined in black and white skull fabric and bound in red on the bottom edge.

Added a few cute red buttons, which arrived yesterday from Lilywhites, as a free gift
(thank-you lilywhites xxx)

Together............Hope you like it.
The End

Tuesday 2 February 2010


New to blonde designs is Ollie the Owl made with this retro orange and brown upcycled bark cloth fabric. Lined in brown polka dot fabric with a selection for brown felts.
He is looking for a new home!