Sunday 22 July 2012

Finished Seed Quilt

Seed Quilt
I finally managed to get out, to take some pictures now the rain has stopped
And what a perfect day to take them.
Although you do get a few strange looks taking the photos!
Anyway the fabric is Echo by Lotta Jansdotter 
5" squares in a 9 x 9 block
Stitched in a spiral pattern

Yellow candy cane bias binding
The reverse shows the free hand spiral stitching
 Laid out flat

Hope you had a great weekend

Tuesday 10 July 2012

WIP Seed Pod Quilt

Seed Pod Quilt

My first attempt at spiral stitching on a quilt.
Quilt is a 9 x 5" squares quilt.
Quite a bit to do, still cotton bits all over, edges need straightening and bias binding added and then cross fingers and stick it the wash!
Sorry after pinning this at 10pm last night, I started sewing the spiral at 11pm, (put machine on a slow walk, as didn't want to vibrate next door out!got half way through had tea at midnight and finished at 1pm.
2 Hours!!! of slow stitching.
I put this away for a few months as I didn't like the too many greys - thought it had no depth, but then last night I had a brain wave and thought the spiral stitching would liven it up a bit, and now I love it. I will be doing more abstract stitching from now on..
I am a away for a couple of days so took this from my phone at 7am, before running out the house!
I will get to finish it Friday Night.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Make - 8 Pointed Star

The Lemoyne Star
Sewn the easy way, no fussy sewing
(OK I am not a fan of my stripy point, but as I am going to be making another 8 of these for a quilt, I will live with it!)
I have used 5"squares, this makes the star large,
feel free to use what ever size squares you like

Cut 8 White Squares
Cut 8 single squares of patterned fabric
(I have used 8 separate fabrics, you could use less)

Cut all your 8 patterned pieces into triangles
Cut ONLY 4 of your white ones into triangles
Leaving 4 white squares

Now rearrange your pieces
with the four white squares in each corner
(bit of a puzzle, but but fun)

Next taking your middle pieces
sew press and trim as shown
making 4 squares

Taking the outer pieces join each patterned triangle to adjoining white triangle
press and trim
You will now have 16 squares again!

Starting from the top row, sew your squares together,
So now you have 4 rows of fabric and press!
please note your four white corner pieces will be slightly larger,
but I wait till I have finished to trim the edges off.

Last but not least join your rows together
And press and trim

Saturday 7 July 2012


After six months off from sewing for others, I am rejoining the sewing community with fresh ideas!!

With so much DIY in our house and sewing I need to do for myself, every thing had been abandoned as all I was doing was Working long hours, sewing and sleeping, I didn't see the rest of the world...

Rather than expand on things I used to make I am honing them in, and really have fell in love with my quilt making, loads of things in the pipeline.

Do you like my new (or rather vintage) pigeon hole shelves, cost me a pretty fortune BUT well worth it, now all I need to to do is get hubby to wall hang it.

Now i can see what colours I am short on, talking about colours does anybody else find it hard to get yellow fabrics? the ones that are out they are just, boring!