Wednesday 30 September 2009


Just stumbled upon this shop in folksy, how cute are these!! Ickle Hoodies.......Babe's in the hood!
She even does cute girl's pinafores in fleece. All the girl needs are a pair of matching stripy tights and a plain polo neck underneath!

Monday 28 September 2009

Packs of 2 lavender sachets for your draws! Tied with jute and filled with french lavender.


On Friday I recieved off ebay a white cube tent to take photograghs in, so after spending Satuarday night in front of the TV watching X Factor and sorting my mounds of buttons I seem to collect everytime I walk into a junk shop, I then went about photograghing them on Sunday, with the added bonus of not using the flash and getting shadowing. The button pics don't really show what I was so excited about but I then took some photos of my egg cosies, which I have yet to organise and wow they came out fab. I will upload those tomorrow, I am now wanting the almost human size version!
Anyway I hae started sorting my buttons out and selling them in my back-yard in sets or mixed sets.

Wednesday 23 September 2009


For those of you who haven't already taken a peek at Folksy today, they have gone all french on their featured items and my poodle bag is included! I love the felt macaroons, the earrings, the cushion. pin cushion, tags, all of it! And note how most interpret the colour pink into all things french!

Friday 18 September 2009


I have been featured on Wollywotnots blog along with lots of lovey cupcake stuff!!! go take a look via the link below. As yet I am still not so good at putting the link inside a nice title say 'pink Friday cupcakes' so if anybody can help me with that one task, it means I get to learn something new today.....
How funny, I went to the hospital today to have 3 moles removed - Lets just say, I have the skin of my fathers, he was a ginger nut, and they say you go out with people who look like your parents, and lets just say many years ago I had an unhealthy shark like, hunt for redhead men/boys to date or snog! (ah did you ever call it sharking?!), anyway back to the story, got in to theatre, with my denim wedges still firmly attached to my feet, only to find out the surgeon didn't have a clue which one he was removing off my back, as my back is like dot to dot. And as I can't see my back, I was not sure which one it was, so he spend 5 Min's taking photos on his mobile of my bare back and showing them to me...... I was still none the wiser and we decided only to remove the 2 moles I knew, oh and the surgeon did delete the photos from his phone, much to the amusement of the nurses. I'm guessing the wife may have had something to say other wise..........Kx


I have added a couple of more things to my sale, as the shop is looking a bit bitty and need to get back into my spare room! Both these totes are fully lined with strong handles and are looking for a new home. £5 BARGIN.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Gorgeous handmade designer tea cosies for tea pots - - Hunkydory Home

Thought I would show you, my black Ollie the Owl tea cosy and pink Olive the Owl coffee cosy have make it on Hunkydory Home website. I feel proud of them sitting there on the page!
They can't have the one off retro Ollies as I would not be able to repeat the orders. So I am looking for another 2 fabrics which I can buy as I need, which are of a retro feel, but need to be as a curtain weight fabric as the lovely dress fabrics around are to flimsy and would not stand up to the job (stand up!- Ha! - Sorry). So if anybody has any ideas C&H fabrics, Laura Ashley....

Saturday 12 September 2009


I have slashed the prices of my lavender babies and brooches to £3.00 each come and grab a bargin................!!!!

Wednesday 9 September 2009



Well after what it seems a long time away from blogging, making and just doing things for me! I'm back. Looking forward to making a few more things, and one thing I did notice the moment I stopped uploading new things people stopped looking and buying, so people clicking on those new items must bring sales in!

I am going to make another 2 versions of this in the Mutli (pinks) and the Sage Alexander Henry 'Zoo' fabric, and use as this one Laura Ashley check to match.