Thursday 22 April 2010


As you may have noticed I have has a bit of a blog change around, for better or worse only you can decide, spent hours working out how to add tabs, but still can not seem to get any answers on how to link a post into one of the pages, so if anybody knows.... All I keep hearing is the pages are static, but other people have done it so we must be able too!

Got together some scraps of my leftover fabrics in blues and greens, Amy Butler in lime and slate, Alexander Henry Zoo, Chocolate polka dots, Blue and green linen blend plains and a sturdy Chocolate brown for the reverse, and before embarking on a modern quilt I thought I would start with a boys 22" large cushion, hopefully this will be complete by the weekend to take pics! so you can see if I should continue with the quilting.You really must visit my 'new' tab for Yummie Fabrics, for places to buy your hoard, if you have found any others in the UK, please let me know and we can build up a database, I am going to leave off the US ones for now, as they get plenty of blogging through every other website.
I will also add favorite button and ribbon sellers.

Anyway I shall leave you to drool over some fabric packs available at Saints & Pinners
(link on my yummy fabric tab).


  1. Loving the new blog look- you've worked so hard (I've only just found out how to change our name)The fabrics are delicious and I like the idea of a yummy fabric database, I'll keep having a nosey.

  2. I love your new blog Karen! No idea about the linky pagey thing though but I might pinch your idea for a Treasury page :D
    Tracy x

  3. The new blog looks ace. I know what you mean about the pages- Im having the same problem- it seems either I go for static pages or the links through a gadget with no pages (which is what I have at the moment). If I find out I'll let you know x

  4. I love the idea of a fabric buying database (just don't tell Husband). He has started tutting when he sees me with new fabric!xx

  5. Get you Miss Techy your new blog looks great I wouldn't know where to start,well done !! Fab fabrics too :)

  6. Lovely & fresh, a change is always a nice quick fix to update your style. Have fun using up those fabrics - i have a fabrix index, i stopped adding after 3000 . . . i know, & my husband knows too. Love Posie

  7. Yummy fabrics!!! and a great blog.

    thank you for finding mine and entering my competition.
    im sure ill be over more often now ive found you.
    anna x

  8. Hi, I am a big fan of Saints and Pinners, but also use Fabric Inspirations if I want any retro childrens prints such as Michael Miller, Gone to Earth have some good value fabric packs too..

  9. Hellfire!! GOOD WORK! I am loving it loving it loving it.

    I clearly need to hire you to do a makeover for me as well. I always say I'm going to do it but can never muster up the effort to go through with it. Mainly because I know it would involve a lot of hair pulling and tears!

  10. hey gorgeous, loving the new look blog! Polka dots ar ALWAYS good! ;o)

    Thanks for the follow....

    Have a creative day


    hello gorgeous xxx


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