Sunday 2 September 2012

Make - Mini Lavender Pillows

Mini Lavender Pillows

I saw a tutorial for this a while ago on The Purl Bee
and have been thinking of ways to use my scraps of Liberty of London's Tana Lawn fabric.
so I wanted to make mini lavender pillows......
If you have any jelly roll scraps this is perfect
I had 16 different Liberty fabrics cut to 2.5" 2.5"
I then cut 16 backing fabrics in a white spot to 2.5" x 2.5"
(these are mini!)
Next I folded over 1/4" of one edge and ironed
for both the front and back.
Place the 2 pieces of fabric right side together
sew down both sides and along bottom edge.
Turn right side out
fill with 2-3 teaspoons of lavender and pin
A pile pinned ready to hand sew
Slip-stitch closed the opening
You are then finished
I am thinking of making little boxes for these as they would make great gifts. Just seems that your are giving more 16 instead of say 3 or 4.
Now all I need to do is find a tutorial on box making......


  1. hello sweetie! Just having a little peep at what you've been up to lately! Hope all well? Kisses X

  2. Wonderful, they must smell heavenly!


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