Saturday 29 September 2012

Saturday Stash

Popped into my local fabric shop to purchase some batting to finish of a quilt.
I ended up walking out with these 10 FQ of vintage modern by Bonnie & Camille.
I was going to buy more and add more of the colours in the collection but had a really annoying woman quilter who keep looking at my picks and saying no you don't want to do that, clashing, no don't add the green, add some of these (yuckky old fashioned peach fabrics - which DONT SIT with Vintage Modern), and where ever I stood she stood next to me holding her matching (but not matching) fabrics,  so I had to get out before she followed me home.
Never thought you could be stalked by a quilter before, first time for everything.
I am thinking of trying a half hexagon quilt with these.
And as Hubby is away working until next Friday, 
I think I may just get a bit of sewing in every night after work.
But I can't wait and I am off to cut it into pieces.
I haven't a clue how big I will make, that's my problem I will just lay it out on the floor as I go, it baby cot size or may get a twin single out of it if I border it with white...
Happy Weekend, and watch out for stalking quilters............

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