Friday 7 September 2012

Quilting in Pantone....

Well it looks like lemon zesty & grey alloy or tidal foam will still stand the test of time in bang up to date quilts & cushions.
Perfect still my favourite colours of the moment.

I'm quite liking the idea of the poppy red, Monaco blue with linen colour rather than white
Some cool quilts and cushions in colour blocking do you think.
Now where did I park that yacht of mine.....

Then taking all the cool blue / greens from the emerald, greyed jade, dusk blue and tender shoots, wouldn't that also make a beach hut vibe quilt..

Now African Violet, this is the sort of colour that gets left at the bottom of the pile.
Maybe for once mixing the Violet with the Nectarine (toned down tangerine), mix in a bit of tidal foam and Monaco Blue, going for a denim look for a hippy chick quilt.

Looks like I may have just talked myself into some quilts to add to the list to make.....
Free Kona Cotton Jelly Rolls of cool, warm and dark are welcome in my home, anytime.
actually if the world is listening then any free fabric is welcome in my home,
rent is free, no bills to pay, get their own home (white studio cabby hole).
Somebody to listen to, mainly me talking to myself over my sewing machine.
What more could they ask for...

p.s Very Sunny Weekend in UK in south, I have quilts that need photographing on the beach.
New photos will be uploaded on Saturday night.
Some of of older quilts which the original pictures I took were naff to say the least.
And finally finished, my green squared twin quilt, a navy & white Argyle Quilt with red stitching
(should have done it Monaco blue, linen with the red THEN I would be super on trend....!LOL

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