Thursday 30 August 2012

Rainbow Paintbox Quilt Top

Rainbow Paintbox quilt top finally finished
It is great having the week off work
I have been finishing all those projects hanging around
This one just needs the batting, back and binding.................

 I hung it next to my oil painting which is 40" x 40"
I painted it a few years ago, you may recognise the painting
although it could never pass for a fake! as my painting to too flat compared to Matisse
(sorry Matisse, but you were a little sloppy and never seemed to cover the canvas in paint)
Anyway its a take off of the 1939 The Music by Matisse.
Mine is a similar size to the original.
A man after my own heart, can't work in small scale!
Anyway so you don't get confused above photo is the original painting by Matisse
The below photo is my painting
I have never shown anybody on my blog my paintings before....
Now to complete my argyle quilt......
After trip to Sainsbury's


  1. It's beautiful Karen! Your painting's pretty fab too :D

  2. The quilt is breathtaking, and I love the paintings (both yours and the Matisse). That's one of my favorite Matisse paintings!


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