Thursday 26 January 2012

Sewing The Bulgarian Way

Take one Old Sewing Machine
A trip to Bulgaria
4 Days to make loose covers
One Sofa
Armchair One
And Armchair Two
Local Life - The Neighbours
The local villagers do not know what washing machines are,
they wash clothes outside in cold water

Village Rooftops
Mum-in-laws Grape Vines
Everybody makes their own wine here.
Add a 'bit' of snow over night.
And grape vines look pretty
Still snowing now (over 12 hours)
One of the local village boys taking the cattle out
no saddle and a piece of rope for the harness..
Mum-in-law's House
One sofa finished, OK the fabric very shiny so photos look bad.
One blurred armchair
Armchair two finished.

What I missed about sewing away from home.
My Sewing machine
My over locker
My Left handed scissors
My tiny snip scissors
My huge quilting ruler (would have come in very handy)
Sewing thread that doesn't break every 5 Min's
Perfect sewing tension
A foot peddle lead that I had to wiggle as I sewed to get a connection
Fabric with NO give in any direction
and something other than a biro pen to draw a pattern with!

What I loved
A challenge - my brain hurt every evening
A horse ride in the mountains - western style
A walk in deep 8" snow
Homemade red wine - every night!
A week off work
Being Cooked for (thanks S & K)

Catching a flight tomorrow morning home
fights maybe a little delayed, but all cars have winter tyres
and chains if needed.

PS do not forget as my previous post bias binding giveaway.
I will do the draw late Friday / Saturday.



  1. Great pictures! That was a big project. Awesome job

  2. What a transformation. Of the furniture AND the scenery. My computer won't let me find your email address but as per Jenny's instructions I am visiting to introduce myself - I am Trash and I will be your swap partner for the Kitcsh Swap :-)

    1. Super!! i'll email you when I get back home. Kxx

  3. What a transformation!! Such a beautiful place!

  4. Thankyou for visiting my little 'ole blog and commenting on the fabrics. I can see how much you love working with them! Have a super weekend (-:


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