Monday 16 January 2012

Two Pillow Cushions finished

Finally got around to finishing 2 strip pieced cushions.
I have been spending far too much time, just playing
My list of things to make is getting longer!
If only we didn't have to earn money to purchase fabric.
If off to Bulgaria on Sunday
To mother-in-laws (without Hubby!!)
Kind of a working holiday, Sunday to Thursday so have 3 days to recover a sofa and 2 armchairs. If worked out cheaper for her to purchase the fabric in Bulgaria, fly me out, and I sew than pay for 20 metres of furnishing fabric over here. Then I get to go horse riding in the mountains when I'm finished! (hence when hubby is not coming).
Mum-in-law and her hubby moved out there when they retired, cheaper to live, get to live in a backward village, grow grapes, and drink home-made wine. The type of lifestyle you wouldn't get here in the UK.
Have been putting off quilting my Nostalgic quilt, but need to spend an hour or so on it to make a start!

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  1. I have pillows on my to do list. You have inspired me to get on that.
    Bulgaria? That sounds so interesting. Have fun!


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