Thursday 12 January 2012

Any UK Sellers?

Half Moon Modern Metro for Moda
I have just purchased a couple of charm packs of this from the US
from Materialgirlchic on Etsy who also has 20%  off all in shop.
but really would like to be able to buy a fat 8th or FQ bundle.
Problem is buying from the US I am limited on how much to purchase at once
Maybe it is the only way to a couple at a time!

If anybody knows of any UK sellers let me know.

Just purchased this for the 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Swap 2012 ROUND 2



  1. No answer to your question but I picked up a charm pack of that line while i was travelling and now I wish I had bought more. One pack is not enough of this.
    Good luck

  2. If I come across it I'll let you know! It's lovely, the chevrons are particularly tempting....


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