Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Rainbow of Bias Binding Giveaway


As so make people out there are making super bright, rainbow quilts, cushions and other great projects. And as I am involved with a rainbow charm swap, I thought it only fair that whilst our purses were being squeezed in January, I could help out and do a giveaway.

I will have 3 winners.
1st - 9m of binding of choice
2nd - 6m of binding of choice
3rd - 3m of binding of choice

This means if you win you can choose to have the binding all the same, or you can have for example split into different bindings in metre lengths for smaller projects

For those that work in Yards 1 Metre is over 1 yard
1m will edge a hotpot mat with ease!
tote handles
purse detail
Apron edging
little skirt edging
quilt binding
Tea cozy binding
The list is endless

Rules of play - up to 3 entries
Leave a message below saying hello (1 entry)
make sure you are following me leave another message saying this (1 entry)
like my facebookpage again leave a separate message below (1 entry)

And pass the word around..................

I am off to Bulgaria at 4am in the morning to recover a sofa for my MIL until Friday.
I will do the draw next Friday Evening.
Good Luck



  1. Just leaving a note to say hello :)

  2. Now leaving a note to say I am following you.... just call me stalker ;) lol

  3. Hello!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. Already following blog and now following you on facebook. x

  5. Ok so this is me saying hello "waves" and saying I have had your bindings before and they are lovely.

  6. This is me saying I am a follower and have been for some time.

  7. and one more telling you I did the facebook thing in both my guises. xx

  8. I was in a rainbow charm swap too so would love some bright orange. They look so perfect all rolled up

  9. I am a follower. Any chance for a trip to Bulgaria post with pictures?

    1. Great Idea! Mum in Law has an IPAD and computer Kx

  10. Me again saying im a follower :) Lovely colours in your giveaway x

  11. Gorgeous rainbows ! Thanks I'd love to win some !

  12. I follow you on my RSS Reader, I hope that counts too.

  13. Hi there

    I follow your blog
    And your FB already :)

    Katie x

  14. I am following your blog and reading in Google Reader

  15. I have "liked" your Facebook Page. Was there anything else? :-)

  16. Oh and I'm a follower.

    Lovely giveaway. X


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