Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday Stash

I fell in love with this range a while ago and bit the bullet and purchased 10 FQs from

I also purchased grey solid to mix in, don't quite know what to do, keeping it simple blocks or triangles....

I visited a local fabric store today Owl and Sewing Cat

And purchase a couple of reds form Amy Butler Lotus collection, as my red stash is really low, and there just doesn't seem to be mush on the market that doesn't contain snowflakes, or spots which I have, but want to inject florals, abstracts etc, to get a perfect red and white quilt.

I also purchased from them the grey solid and the backing to my Nostalgia quilt in a deep red, burgundy, so will sew that together tomorrow.

Off to sew a few dolls quilts as my Paris Doll kit arrived yesterday and she is sewn and ready for a new photo shoot with a few quilts.


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