Sunday 31 July 2011

Sewing Overdose Weekend

Lavender Scottie Dog
Bag of Love
Tilda Quilt in Blues

Do you see a theme going on, I seem to have been drawn to making every thing in blues with a hint of green, maybe next week I'll have to go down the pink colour range!! The Dog is in vintage fabric, the bag in Amy Butler fabric and the Quilt in Tilda blues by Tone Finnanger.

I'm back to work tomorrow so wanted to cram in the sewing and overdose as keeping fit, sport, lifting (housework - yippie!!) and sunbathing is out the question for at least another 2 weeks (sunbathing forever) .

Finished off with a stack of oilcloth peg bags.
I love making these as no over locking! a doddle to cut and just kitsch fun.
I will do a tutorial for these if anybody thinks they want to make one, just using a kids plastic hanger.

Tonight's sewing is stuffing and hand sewing Scottie dogs and pincushions hopefully in front of a good TV program..... well we all but hope.



  1. Wow what a hive of industry! Love that little dog. Hope you find your programme. I am off ironing to 'Julie and Julia', great film if you haven't seen it.

  2. Lovely stuff Karen. I'm watch the Dragons' Den tonight to find out what the new woman's like - she certainly looks like a dragon!

  3. Love your work it's always fun and colourful.
    The dog is gorgeous and the peg bags look fab.
    I have only sewn oilcloth once and never again.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. i love the scotty dog its so cute xxx


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