Friday 29 July 2011

A Growing Family

Meet Peanut the owl tea cozy
She loves chamomile tea, elephants, and strawberry milkshakes.
 Meet Pixie
She loves green tea, forests and fairies and cupcakes.
Meet Rosie.
Rosie loves a cup of 'Rosie' 'Rosie Lee' tea (Cockney Slang), visiting country houses and blueberry muffins.

The cutest doll mini quilt set
Containing 1 quilt, 1 pillow, and removable green floral pillow sham and 2 reversible throw pillows each with Robert Kaufman urban circus one side and pink Micheal miller dumb dots on the other one with pink Ric rac the other with yellow Ric rac. The quilt top is Urban Circus and the reverse is Amy Butler Midwest modern, free hand quilted and bubblegum pink polka dot trim, the main pillow cover matches the pillow shams and top and cute yellow Ric rack and trim to finish it off.
Quilt Measuring 18" x 22"
Pillow Measuring 4" x 8"
Throw Pillows 5" x 5"
Cottage Quilt
LARGE Lap or Toddler quilt - or fit over single bed
Measuring 50" X 88"
Selling this for under £50.00 as should be over £100.00 for the size but pieced it together wrong, you will see on pictures on Etsy site, I started this a months ago but never got around to finishing it off probably because it wasn't perfect and just needed 2 hours in front of the TV to hand blind stitch the binding on.
Yippie I can now leave comments! this is fab.
After having surgery last week I now have 3 very itchy holes in my stomach, and then following 4 stitches in my back for mole removal on Tuesday, my back is tight and ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I can't scratch, can you go insane from itchy skin....
Happy Friday all and its almost the weekend.


  1. Those cosies are quite adorable, fab colours! x

  2. Hope you stop itching soon.
    Great work, those owls are so cute.

    {Dab and a dash.}


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