Saturday 16 July 2011

Life in Miniature

 I have gained another addiction......

 Mini cushions for Dolls Houses 12th scale

Like any sewers out there I can't bare to throw out scraps,
I wanted to find even more excuses to use the small pieces up with.
I'm not into applique like some of you are, mine just are not 'right'.
So I turn mine normally into buttons and log cabin hotpot mats etc.
BUT now a new outlet mini dolls house cushions and soon mini quilts!
I don't own a dolls house and I don't own a child (yet...)
But since sewing mini cushions I really can see the appeal in making mini rooms perfect (not these shop bought plastic rubbish) but loving make furniture and fabrics.
The difference is those stitches you use to hand sew say a 16" cushion shut, then have to become quite invisible on a 1 1/4" square!! now where did I put those glasses................


  1. Marvelous minatures...delightful!

  2. Cute!What a good use of scraps :)

  3. Oh they are just too cute. I have my daughters dolls house in my sewing room at the moment and its gorgeous. I do see the appeal aswell

  4. Aww, these are just so sweet! Wish I lived in a dolls house... well I'm not very tall... so...

  5. Adorable, even I could do these with my limited sewing skills! x


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