Wednesday 27 July 2011

Can't leave comments on blogs!!

Dolls Quilt set - SOLD

Having a great problem at the moment can't seem to leave comments on peoples blogs, keeps sending me back to signing in then telling me I am anonomous and then asking me to re sign in, over and over again.
So i have been reading blogs but can't reply!! So appologises for lack of conversation in the blog worls, I will shut down again later and hope all is ok!

Anway when I did my made making a couple of weeks ago with the tea cozies (WHICH HAVE ALL SOLD), I also made a doll quilt set, this also sold within 5 days. So my mission is to finish the 5 tea cozies cut ready to sew, and to mke up another 5 doll quilt sets, as if this is what I am going to sell then had better make more!!

I also have been making more hlaf aprons and sold 12 to one customer alone in OZ for her bidesmaids, these always go down well, and I think its because I dont price them to high, but still make a profit.

I was In hospital last Monday for keyhole surgery and thought I was going to have a week off, but was signed off for 2 weeks, I went back to hospital yesterday for another op (mole removal), 4 stitches later, and yesterday when the injections had worn off I didnt know what to do with myself as I have sore tender stomach, told not to lift do anything and sore back as cannot streach and again told not to lift twist bla bla for at least 3 weeks!!! I was In bed with my codine at 9pm feeling sorry for myself. I feel OK at the moment but can feel as the day wears on (even though all I am doing is sitting) my stomach gets tender,sore and tight, and my back is going the same way (and its only 10am). I can't shower again until Friday, luckly I am not at work as my hair will look manky (is that still a word  from my youth!)

 Few more pics of what has been made in the last couple of weeks....

Mouse Coffee Cozy

 Orange Hot Pot Mat
Elephant Oven Glove

Skull & Roses Oven Glove

Urban Circus Oven Glove

Skull Oven Glove

Camouflage Oven Glove

Have a great week



  1. When it takes you to the sign in page, uncheck the box that says "Keep me signed in" - that solves the commenting problem! Don't know why or how but it works!

    Hope you start to feel better soon, take it easy and rest up.

  2. I was just about to write that. I had the same problem. My server kept dropping so out of frustration I clicked the 'keep me signed in' box. I had lots of problems.
    Poor you. I hope you're feeling better soon. They may have given you 2 weeks but don't rush back until you're ready.


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