Tuesday 2 August 2011

Giveaway - Mini Mix Stash

Mini Mix Stash Collection

Time for a give away!! From my blondesbackyard stores, these are 3 x 1 metre lengths. Which are perfect for binding tea cosies, place mats, girls skirt hems, pencil rolls, dolls quilts........

On Folksy they are £3 on Etsy they are $4.75 .

So first all you have to do is leave a comment below
psst. pass it on.
If I get 15 comments 1 will do 2 giveaways
If buy golly chance I get 30 comments I will do 3 giveaways
and so on.....

All you will have to do is say in your comment which colour range you would prefer from the below.

Well the sun is shining!! plus somebody left me a little comment on binding she just brought;
"YOU HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL SHOP!!!! I will for sure be returning!!! I found just what I need to wrap my bridal bouquet!! I couldn't be more ecstatic!!!!! I LOVE YOUR SHOP! And no need to worry...I will post this on the feedback wall as well!! Thanks for making my day!"
Super Cute
Bubblegum Pink
Cherry Red
Mint Green
Hot Pink
Lemon Drop

Also I sold Peanut the Owl Tea Cozy today.
Bye Bye Peanut
I do get attached to my Owls, but they seem to be flying the nest fast.
She is off to sunny OZ

Oh and almost forgot I will do the giveaway draw this Friday evening and post out to anywhere in the world.

Happy Tuesday



  1. I love the Tangerine colourway!

  2. Ooo the Cherry Red is gorgeous! :)

  3. They're all yummy! It would have to be the hot pink for me x

  4. Love your turquoise :) - its such a good idea to add extra giveaways per entries :) I may try that :P

    Katie x

  5. What a lovely giveaway. I LOVE the hot pink. x

  6. Tantalizing Tangerine is my Summer favourite!

  7. lemon drop is super cute..and its full of summer sunshine :)

  8. All scruptious, but cherry red all the way for me.

  9. The packaging and colors are so fun! And the owl is so cute

  10. I have to say turquoise as I realize I have some of the others....they are too good.
    Fingers crossed. x

  11. oooo - these are GREAT!!! I LOVE the cherry red too but they ALL are FAB!!!

    Good Luck everyone, Paula x

  12. What a difficult choice - all so beautiful. I think I will go for the Hot Pink - fingers crossed.

  13. That turquoise is divine...off to look around the shop :D
    Lucy x

  14. I love the lime one, fingers crossed x


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