Friday 12 February 2010


I said if more than 10 poeple entered I would give 2 rings away insteasd of one and as I had a massive 13 entires, 2 are up for grabs, so I wrote you all down
Screwed you all up and picked 2 out...

Well done to Posie Patchwork, who's quilts are giving me the push to soon start my 2010 resolution to make a quilt (OK so I shall start on a cot sized one first..)
Here is her blog and go back a few blogs and you will find a fabric stash like no other!! Drool.......
Well done to Emily Pickle who's little zip purses I always adore, also take a look at her hair clips and the purses she is in the prosess of making this is her blog
I will need to get the details from you of a ring you have spotted already on my blog, or if you want one made to your specifications of colour felt and fabric you see....


  1. I love your good old fashioned paper draw (or drawer??),gutted I didn't win though! Well done those who did and hope you have a greatweekend!! x x

  2. Nooooooooooo! It should have been me. Well done Emily Pickle and Posie Patchwork. Lovely prizes!

  3. Oh thanks Karen, so wrapped, a pin cushion ring will take pride & place in my studio & hand all the way here in Australia!! Thanks for the lovely comments on my quilts & fabric, all fabulous & encouraging.
    Can't seem to email you so my address is . . . Posie PO Box 193 Campbell ACT 2612 Australia.
    I live in the nation's capital where everyone is very important while i cruise along as a soldier's wife with 4 ace children, sewing up a storm. Thanks again, super happy, love Posie

  4. Congrats to the winners ... not that I'm jealous or anything!

    So when is that quilt going to be ready?

  5. oh shoot. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for considering me.

  6. Thank you so much, you have made my day! I love them all but especially the ones with the red and white flower fabric. Thank you! Kate xxxxx


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