Sunday 7 February 2010


I have been at my Mums for 3 days wearing these very cute handmade slipper socks, which I received the post just before I left.
These are my folksy heart swap present from cakesknitsandcosies
also received this cute hand knitted heart, which I am going to attach to my keyring.

My sis-in-law thought they were fab, and thought I may have made them, as last year (shame on me) her Mum gave me an unused knitting machine, along with, retro knitting mags 40 years old and instructions and wool, which I have always wanted.
But had to sadly point out that a} the the machine has yet to see daylight, as still in the corner of my sewing room b} Even if I had managed to get it out the box, does she really think I could whip up a lovely pair of knitted slippers with cream edging and with different stitches c} my knitting skills still amount to zero.
So all you knitters out there, you have no fear in the next to distant future ( I am guessing 5-10 years) that I won't be whipping up knitted bikini's, retro brown and orange groovy legwarmers (for rollerblading), cute fingerless gloves, cushion covers in tones of greys of the union jack, beanie hats, a red Beret and pretty hanging hearts.

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