Friday 19 February 2010


This Treasury was created by
f0or newbie shops (me!!, go check out some new stuff, esp the ;-bracelets....(oh and my mushroom buttons in the top left hand corner, see how many hits I get)

how she managed to get a slot I don't know, I have given up trying, because of the time zones, I always miss it!!

Anyway getting back to the point Moonanglnay is in Birmingham UK she is a digital artist and photographerand a member of Etsy team.
Her blog is

And I am loving the 'lips' photo on page 2.



  1. awww no problem for the treasury feature :) and a handy hint for treasuries... go to and check out the treasury clock. that'll give you an idea of when the next one opens :) ohhh and grabbing one, my trick is to wait until it gets to about 333, have my treasury title copied ready to paste and as soon as it goes to 332, PASTE! lol! you do have to be fast, but craftopolis will give you a chance to plan ahead :) thanks for mentioning me and my work :D

  2. Congratulations, super exciting for you!! Also great tips from the creator, how nice to share. Love Posie

  3. Well done Karen, how exciting!
    Tracy x


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