Sunday 14 February 2010


OK, so do you ever buy too many craft things, thinking, oh I'll start making some of those, well I can quite honestly hold both my hands up and, yes me me me a few times over.
The pile of beads, bead making wire thingies, vintage beads, some nappy pin brooch things (Mmm as you can see my terminology on jewellery making is zero...) oh and a reel of stretchy clear wire stuff for bracelets, is one little pile, I know I cant just throw away, so the first person, hopefully a jewellery making person who leaves a message gets it. Then just email me your address at, and I will stick it in the post.
Its great to up cycle.
New to www.folksy/shops/ is this up cycled bark cloth fabric make-up & coin purse set, lined in denim and edges in my bias binding and cover button, groovy baby.

Also new to www.folky/shops/ is this up cycled bark cloth fabric make-up & coin purse set, lined in Amy Butler fabric and edged in my bias binding and owl cover button, this is your my down to earth with nature 70's retro.

Don't forget, I read a saying somewhere using this keep calm motto;

Keep Calm
Re-cycle On


  1. Thats an interesting bunch of beads you have ... the square ones look really fab! Almost like basset allsorts.

    You do know of course that sods law says once you have posted them on you will think of a use for them don't you! (Ask me how I know ... too many times .. LOL!)

    Happy Valentines

  2. Beads and bits will be winging there way to you Tracey. KIx

  3. Hi I love your blog so I've nominated you for a sunshine award see my blog xxb

  4. Lovely stash! I think they are kilt pins : )


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