Wednesday 3 February 2010


My Folksy Heart Swap for SpoiltPig........
Is that it, is that all you have made?
Well the Answer to that Question is no........
This is her extra prezzie to go with her bigger prezzie....
Oh I see, so what is the bigger prezzie then?
Well before I go on, I was given spoiltpig as my fellow crafter to make something for, so I has to do a bit of digging.......
  • Her hair colour changes with the seasons...............
  • She likes the weird and the wonderful
  • Amongst other things is influenced by punk, grunge, and the colour black
  • Read somewhere that she is a big fan of skull 'n' crossbones
  • Her jewellery pieces also if they stay in the shop long enough, contain skulls
  • Luckily likes hearts (phew, well at least I made a little hanging one!)
  • Oh and did I mention a tea drinker


followed by...............

The Tea Cosy

SpolitPig do not worry about running out of hot tea in the morning as this will fit a large large tea pot. In Black dot baby cord fabric and funky Alexander Henry Skulls fabric

To keep the theme going, its lined in black and white skull fabric and bound in red on the bottom edge.

Added a few cute red buttons, which arrived yesterday from Lilywhites, as a free gift
(thank-you lilywhites xxx)

Together............Hope you like it.
The End


  1. That's very thoughtful, I am sure she will love it.

  2. wow! you have been busy! cool swap idea. I'm wishing I had taken part now. Loving the cool retro owl also. I'm suprised what a difference my cards have made to my clip presentation. Definately worth thinking about if you are making clips. Kate xx

  3. OH! That's so sooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! Oh I hope she likes it so much thought in that. I *am* jealous. Yours was one of the first shops I coveted items in when I joined Folksy Babyblonde! x

  4. >blush< Thank-you for you comments, I will be going to bed later, post glass of red wine....with a smile on my face. Kx

  5. Wow, they're fantastic! I'm sure Spoiltpig will be thrilled will all the thought that you've put in. x


    I love you x a billion haha. This is amazing, it's soooo me! I bet it arrives tomorrow but I'll get to see it in the flesh when I finish college.

    ps. SQUEEEEEEEEE ^_^

  7. That would make a lovely Valentine or Halloween present in fact an anytime present. Thanks for your comments Lucey xx

  8. I love your work! and I enjoy reading your blogs so have nominated you for an award, please follow this link to your Sunshine Award:


I love to read all you comments, ideas and things that may even help out!