Monday 14 December 2009

BUTTON WINNER................

I am only a day behind, the story of my life! but the winner out of the five who entered, is ALEXIMO!!! Well done, this is her blog, Found on Folksy which is great because it is all about sellers on folksy.

(Aleximo, I will get you to email me you address so I can get them off in the post tomorrow, I am guessing by your reply to the previous thread you want the porcupine and mushroom set as above, if not let me know which set you want).

Another custom skull cushion finished, on its way to America, in baby blue suede and the original red and blacks as requested, I really wished I has made a lot more for the shop ready for Christmas, as I have sold 15 of these and only have one left at home. But I think in the new year, I will make them along with the superhero cushions, the bulk of my shop. Plus I will feel braver about taking them to a couple of select shops to see if they will take stock, maybe one in Brighton and one in London. Kx

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