Wednesday 11 November 2009


My Entry into the Sue Ryder Upcycle Competition
And this is how I got there.....

Take one pile of fabrics & an old zip from a charity shop......
Sew the strips of denim together for the cushion cover
Cut out the skull shapes
I was quite amused at with the mouth made with the fabric pattern!

The back sewn together..........

The front & sides sewn together.........
The Hidden Zip......
The Words..........
10" Hand cut out skull 'n' crossbones over stitched to cushion front.
Psychedelic Ab Fab Skull!
For this I used denim jean legs cut up into strips as the cushion cover on both sides, the jeans came from The Salvation Army, an old 70's tablecloth / or curtain fabric was used for the eyes and bones and another super soft 70's curtain fabric as the skull, these 2 fabrics came from the Salvation army furniture store which near me sells 'remnants' of old fabrics, the opening at the bottom has a recycled bottle green and metal zip, with the word 'lightening' on the pull! this zip came from an old holdall of mine. It is machine embroidered around the skull and bones.
If you love this cushion please add it to your favourite items. So I have a chance of winning the competition
Enjoy! K x


  1. Hey Gringo, we love your cushion! Me wants :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!! It's always really nice to get new people on board!! Your blog is very cute, will be coming back for more!

  3. Wow, that's seriously brilliant. I can tell you one person who will try and bid on it ;)

  4. Thats lovely work that you do!! I am envious of your talents as I cannot, cannot sew! And its a brilliant design too


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