Friday 30 October 2009


Skull Necklace - Comf!
Heart Bookmark - Nintai Jewelly
No these things are not crackers, but will be in crackers on the festive table this year!
Every year my family try and make a home made cracker present for everybody around the dinner table, the cost is around £5.00, this necklace is for my teen niece to go in a cracker, and the heart bookmark is for my mum, I'll get the Sis-in law to get a couple and Mum to get a couple.
I have decided that I am at my up most going to make my own Christmas presents or buy all my presents from fellow crafters, artists on Folksy, and failing that on Etsy or from Other British crafting outlets.
We set ourselves a limit of £20ish on Christmas presents anyway, and have listed ideas below, if anybody comes up with ideas let me know.
Cracker Present
(has to fit in a Toilet roll, and can be fun, sexy, humours, get my drift...)
Husband Neil - No Idea! Reads, plays computer, loves tools
Brother Mark- No Idea! Loves Rugby, VW Caravans, and the shop Fatface!
Sis-in-law Jan (brothers wife) - Loves Jewellery, green & brown - £5 Earings?
Niece Bethany- Anything teenage, boys, skulls (Lucky!) - SKULL NECKLACE - DONE
Nephew Thomas- Loves Dinosaurs, Green, Yellow, PS - Thinking Finger Puppet?
Me -Anything!
Main Present - £20ish
Mum - Make-up/travel bag, yet more jewellery, clothes?
Sis-in Law - Jewellery , make-up bag
Niece - Skull 16" Cushion, one of mine in Pink & Blue (Easy!)
Husband - Thinking printed T-shirt?
Brother - Thinking Printed T-Shirt / VW Pic / ?
Nephew - Thinking printed T-shirt (see where I am going!!!)
Also like to point out Thomas my Nephew already has a pile of things made by me, but have yet to finish his stuffed felt letters, spelling his name, and every week he asks, 'when is Karen going to finish my name!' (as he can only spelt TOMS at the moment!)
Me - Anything.....
K x


  1. You have had the same idea as me :) I am not making every ones this year so I thought I would buy handmade instead.

    erm ideas... how about scarves, hats or gloves?

  2. oo I have just remembered - I have bought some really nice soap from soapychica on folksy for my mother in law.

  3. I have a shop on Folksy but haven't listed any of my bagcharms yet, they are current in my Misi shop and website, would make a cracker present. Loads of jewellery to look at as well :-)

  4. FairlyGirly
    I have just brought the sis in-laws earings for a cracker present from you! the purple ones. Thanks Kx

  5. Thanks Karen for your purchase, those ones are lovely. One more off the list ;-)


I love to read all you comments, ideas and things that may even help out!