Monday 26 October 2009


Just uploaded these to folksy, country charm meets lollipop flowers! I have inherited my fathers very large stash of beautiful fabrics, from herringbone weaves to tweeds, all are ex-military, or quality suiting 100% wool fabrics, which would cost the earth to by in the right shop, all have have been stashed away in a trunk, and now take pride of place (admittedly a very large space, and they weigh a ton), in my fabric cupboard.
I knew I wanted to do smart cushions with these without trying to be to cheesy or them looking to dated, if you catch my drift. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa in front of the fire and a mug of hot chocolate. If anybody else has any other ideas on what to embellish on the front, let me know, and if you come up with an idea I will use, I will send you your very own cushion!
I have priced them at £20 for the large ones and £15.00 for the smaller ones, I know I could go higher, because if I had brought the fabric, there wouldn't be a profit, but then I am less likely to sell more. Kx


I love to read all you comments, ideas and things that may even help out!