Thursday 26 November 2009

What a Hoot!

My Ollie & Ollie tea & coffee cosies are selling very well, thanks to the added orders from Hunkydoryhome this week, I have around 10 half finished owls hanging off the pin board, as well as about another 20 other half finished projects and I desperately need to get some of the owls finished over the weekend so I can get some natural light to take photos, as dark evenings and a flash just don't do justice to still life photo's.

Is it just me that just can't finish one project? before getting yet another light bulb moment after staring at cupboard crammed full of fabrics, then pulling half out over the floor to match them up, and then spend hours (well it seems like hours) refolding them, then noticing another fabric I forgot, pulling it out, again I stare at it, wondering what I can make from it. Before I know it, I have yet again, another pile of fabrics on the table, on top of the pile already there, except by now I have forgotten what light bulb moment I came up with for the fabrics at the bottom of the pile, so they go back in the cupboard..........



  1. Oh god, You made me laugh out loud! I know exactly what you mean. That is why my fabric cupboard looks like a tip!

  2. Well I do the same as you but with beads!!! Its a nightmare!! But also very fun!! :-) x


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