Wednesday 15 September 2010


I have been playing with my sketches, turned them into defined line drawings
I scanned into the computer, added colour, I am calling this set my favorite shoes
Now all I need to do is to transfere this prints on to tote bags!

I am also going to do diffent colour combos, wouldn't mind getting them put on little box canvases but they seem to work out expensive so if anybody knows a cheap online shop let me know......Kx


  1. These look great Karen ... I love them all but especially the first one with the stripey tights!

  2. Ooh they're gorgeous, I love the last one. Sorry I can't help with the canvases, could you print on cotton and stretch onto box frames yourself? Might be a bit labour intensive though.

    Leanne x

  3. Absolutely love them, what an amazing idea!! Top one with stripey tights is my favourite.

    BTW, I just remembered that I never emailed you about the giveaway! Just doing so now... Sorry :)

  4. These look amazing - love this quirky graphic look - you have a customer already! xxx


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