Friday 17 September 2010

I just recieved these!

How Wonderful - Thank-you Jackie!

I never receive flowers, Hubby's idea of flowers is the petrol station variety, he wouldn't know where to start, and walking into a flower shop would be like walking into the ladies underwear department of M&S, like the other guys you see following their wives around looking like rabbits caught in headlights.

Jackie my late fathers cousin came over to the UK from Canada a couple of weeks ago and spent the week with my mum visiting The Eden Project, Que Gardens and other country houses and gardens. They stayed with us (not long enough) over night before Jackie headed off to Gatwick, A few glasses of vino and then they were gone.

I don't feel like I was the hostess with the mostess to deserve such a beautiful bunch of flowers, but all the same they are taking pride of place on the Mantle piece in the lounge.

Thank-you Jackie. Kxxxxxxxx

p.s. Look out for my scrappy bird tutorial later tonight, for the birds you see in the picture.

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