Tuesday 14 September 2010


Well the postman is keeping busy, A nice pile of post going out to hopefully happy customers.

 A stack of plain cotton totes received, for sale in blondesbackyard for people to print, embellish, draw on, sew buttons and bits on.....now available on natural unbleached, green, black, white, red and blue.
And the biggest confession of the week and the most fabric I have managed to accumulate in one week is the stack above (I keep staring at it...).
Starting at the bottom:
2 full reclaimed fabric curtains (approx 6m worth for £6!!), my mum picked these up and I am thinking of making a 50's dress in some of it....
Brown furnishing fabric for a 1m sq boys quilted cushion custom order (really 1m SQ HUGE)
Black furnishing fabric for a POW cushion order
Natural linen from Fabric Rehab for various projects
Small pink spot for bias binding
Pink, green gingham and pink large spot for Laura Ashley hearts and to finish a quilt I am making
Large red spot & check for large Christmas stockings
All the small spots for small stockings and hopefully a couple of other projects
And a couple of freebie Japanese pieces which I may just make girls pincushions 'my first pincushion!)


  1. That's a great haul of fabric!! I make no wonder you keep looking at it!!

  2. just ordered some tote bags. think I will get the kiddiwinks to decorate one for their Nannie (Grandma) for xmas x

  3. Lve all that spotty fabric Karen..

  4. Fab stack or should i say tower of fabric!! xx


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