Thursday 15 October 2009


As you may have noticed I have gone from simple to downright over the top with my blog header and background, there is nothing like a total change, but you never know next week it could be different again! I could theme my backgrounds with my blog of the moment!!

This is all thanks to a blog site called Cute and Cool blog stuff , and has free stuff for you to use, some of the designs are amazing, she also does tutorials for those of us still trying to get our heads around HTML!
Anyway take a look you may just get yourself an idea, and it has now inspired me to start revamping my own blog with my designs (which will take me about a year!!)

Shabby Blogs is another blog who also has free downloads and ideas to get you going.

Happy Loves Rosie is just pure British Kitsch, the only way we can do it! And again she has blog banners for sale, and can also make one for you....

Last if you have still yet to work out your HTML codes to show a word which is then linked to another page, Bloggertipsandtricks shows you how easily.



  1. I love it, and I'm on my way to take a look at the sites!

    Thanks Alison

  2. Really gorgeous! I love the details & how it doesn't detract or distract from your posts. Thanks for the links :)


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